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  1. If that was me I don't know what I'd do, probably run away or attack the guy lol That was good of you though, well done. Try not to feel bad about it. There's always going to be people like that who are clueless and insensitive to touchy subjects like acne but you took the first step to going out without makeup and you shouldn't let one knock back from one idiot stop you from feeling comfortable in your skin. The last time I didn't wear makeup to school this annoying little cow said "why are y
  2. Hey everyone, I haven't been here for a while, mainly because my skin was pretty good for a while and because I was busy with school and life, but now my skin looks shit again, my boyfriend and I broke up not long ago, I'm on holidays and I'm sick, my ex boyfriend has been sending me abusive messages AGAIN after a year and I feel alone and unloved. That's all my current problems in a nutshell. I think my skin's looking particularly ugly due to stress and the break up and lack of proper sleep fr
  3. Same with me. Like two of my friends had pretty shitty skin but then theirs got better. Why won't mine get totally better? It really isn't fair, must have done something terrible in a past life or maybe in this life.
  4. Where did you get this idea from? Does that work? I use the same foundation and I'm not sure if the tea tree oil would actually disperse into the foundation? Let me know.
  5. maybe invest in a good concealer and light deflector like a concealer out of a pot with the concealer brush..im not sure what brand to recommend...at the moment im using Laura Mercier..and YVS touche' radiant pen which hides shadows on the face.. i think use a good cream like Poker says...but not 1 for old ladies.. because im pretty sure that did somehtng wrong when i used it on my eyes a few yrs back.. lol Hey, thanks for the advice. Sounds like a good idea. At the moment I've just been us
  6. That can also be a result of sinus problems. I've got sinus problems from my dad side (thanks) lol so I've always got dark circles under my eyes and look like I haven't slept in 298383 years. I don't really worry about it too much, just continue looking like a zombie but obviously use concealer in that area specifically for under eyes. Hopefully that recommended stuff underneath will get rid of it for you, I don't think I'd be so lucky lol damn pesky genetics.
  7. I know exactly how you feel. At times I'm talking to my mum, smiling and pretending things are okay but I want to break down and cry or just run away, or with my friends I still feel like no one understands me and that I can't relate to them. It's really odd, I don't know if it's a stage or what, I hope it is.. I don't know how you can overcome that feeling unfortunately, I guess it's just something most of us go through and it's hard to understand at times why we feel that way, when we think w
  8. I used that wash along time ago. I always loved it, it's gentle + leaves skin feeling fresh. I heard it is the number one recommended acne wash by dermatologists.
  9. I know what you mean, sometimes it makes like my cheeks a little red at the top and it just looks like rosiness. But then other times it's red in the wrong places lol
  10. I use the johnson's make up remover wipes and sometimes I think I should only use them when I'm lazy or after a late night but I'm so lazy all the time so I use them regularly but I don't think they're stripping or overcleaning the skin, they're pretty gentle I think because thay can also be used on eyes also. Sometimes for an extra cleanse, I'll use a cleanser afterwards to make sure it's all removed and the skin is being penetrated and cleansed thoroughly, but I find that those wet make up w
  11. We had to move because of fights with our neighbours on all sides, even the back. It was my dad being the typical macho male, stubborn and cocky. It was funny but it got to the point where he was constantly looking out the window and doing sneaky things like throwing cat shit at people's houses and making anonymous calls to the local council, dobbing in our neighbour for various shit. It was taking over his life and he was becoming obsessed with his revenge and he had a massive argument with thi
  12. I wish I could go back to age 12 and restart everything from there to prevent something from happening, which would in turn change the rest of my life and make it much better.
  13. I do that too but I wrap it in cling wrap and put it in the fridge and save it and when I apply it, it's all cool on my face. I love it lol I wish there was a way I could suction all that bp out without having to cut it open, like some sort of suctioning pump
  14. I hate being close to someone and seeing their eyes moving around and not knowing what they're looking at. I know I do that too though when I'm close to someone, I look around either to avoid eye contact or just look at other parts of their face, so they could be looking at my skin or I dunno.. most likely. If someone just looks at you though, passing by and makes eye contact then they're probably not looking at your skin, just you. I get concerned when old people look at me or other girls and
  15. Do you just use this wash without moisturising? Maybe you should use something more gentle and moisturise as well as use a product with benzoyl peroxide? Are you doing that now or what? If you're just using this wash it could be stripping your skin of oil and if you aren't moisturising then there isn't much balance. What else are you using?