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  1. I have been reading these forums for a very long time and remember Bryan well. He conducted one "experiment" on his self many years ago with some soap and sebutape, and concluded that washing skin had no effect on sebum production. A sample size of one proves nothing, and he of all people should have known this. His evidence was as anecdotal as anyone else's.
  2. Radikal, I've been keeping up with your posts here over the years because I too have ludicrous-level oily skin and have seemingly tried everything to break the cycle. Congrats on your success, assuming your progress has held up. From your perspective five months on since your original post, would you say the dietary changes, B5, and ALCAR are all equally important? Do you think a fat-restricting diet alone would give results?
  3. Where do you get this stuff at? Does it make you break out or anything like that?
  4. I had the same side effects using nobiletin as the earlier poster... headache, dizziness almost immediately upon application... strange aches in my leg muscles, made sleeping pretty tough. Pretty alarming stuff, got progressively worse as I kept using it, went away not long after I stopped. Possibly helped my oily skin, but not by much, only tried it for 2 days. I don't plan on using it again. Just a warning to anyone trying it.
  5. Never had it personally, but I have looked at some of the scholarly literature... from what I understand, many papers have shown that there is a reduction in sebaceous gland activity associated with IPL+ALA treatment, but it is only temporary.
  6. I used a topical spiro cream for a while, never saw any benefit from an oily-skin perspective. Have not seen a visible benefit from OTC Nizoral either, just seems to really dry out my skin temporarily. Just throwing in my two cents.
  7. I used niacinamide for years, compounded with a gel base. Never did a thing for my oily skin but I do think it had some anti-inflammatory effects which was helpful for my acne.
  8. I recall people in the past using peppermint oil and peppermint soap to combat oily skin/acne, theory was that it had some kind of anti-androgenic effect associated with it I believe. I never saw any results personally, but I guess drinking it as a tea is worth a try.
  9. Just wanted to chime in here in support of what radikal is trying to tell you all... my skin is way oilier than any of yours (we should all sit down and have a contest sometime, bryan officiating) and I've been on accutane 3 times. The third time gave me permanent tinnitus and my skin is oilier than it ever was before. It's great while you're on it, but I hope you are aware that any negative side effects will likely be permanent... I just can't recommend it for oily skin.
  10. why bother posting if you're not going to actually read the thread?
  11. ok, i just ordered some peppermint oil. gonna mix it with water and whatnot. my oily skin is badass, so if this makes a dent in it you'll know its the real deal will update next week or so
  12. i took zinc daily for the better part of a year, lower dosage though, 25mg day or so. i started getting constant nausea and that crazy metallic taste in my mouth as well and suspected that it was the zinc. i quit the zinc about a month ago and i don't get it as much. my guess is that i was building up toxic levels of zinc in my body or something like that. the disappointing thing is that the zinc really did seem to help, even at that low dose. but i dunno what would happen if i started ta
  13. i took resveratrol for a few months a while back... was convinced it was working for a week or two, but after that it was back to normal. and resveratrol definately has a pronounced laxative effect lol. anyways, just throwing in my two cents, good luck to you all.
  14. thats funny, i think i actually remember reading that guys post about bactine years ago. so you only did it a couple days? thats too bad... the fact that you saw a decrease in oilyness is pretty neat, if anything. the anti-histamine idea is interesting, i was thinking about it the other day when i was going through my medicine cabinet and saw an old bottle of benadryl, whose active ingredient is what they used in that study (diphenhydramine hcl).
  15. i was doing my regular survery of acne related articles on pubmed, and this one caught my eye. i generally don't pay much attention to laser/light therapy articles, but what i thought was interesting here was that the researchers noted a "a significant decrease of skin sebum excretion" as a result of this red light therapy. i've read about the anti-microbial properties of blue/red/UV light, but i wasnt familiar with any effects on sebum outside of things like IPL/ALA treatments. is anyone her