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  1. After purchasing bp gel, the 'receipt' for my purchase said "Shipping Method: First Class shipping inside U.S." However, I'm not based in the US. What happens now?
  2. Worst lighting: - Natural Light (you can see everything!) - Fluro Lights! I hate fluro lights!!!
  3. I'm going to be difficult.....instead of saying 'best' I'm gonna use 'most preferred': - back (easy to hide) - chest (can hide, although the ones on my chest get me down) - chin (red marks fade easily there, least obvious) - forehead (although obvious, red marks fade faster. pimples heal quickly, less scarring, less damage) - scalp least preferred: - nose! need i say more? - upper lip, in fact... anywhere near the lip - cheeks (scars SO easily, red marks galore)
  4. here's an interesting article i found on pulsed dye laser if anyone's interested http://www.news-medical.net/?id=2520 looks like it's not that effective after all =/
  5. If you check out that website I posted and read about BDD, you'll see that it's very very specific and if you can relate to the majority of those things, then it'd be safe to say that you've got it. however, there's a warning there stressing how important it is for people not to diagnose the disorder themselves but to leave it to trained professionals. I really don't need some 'professional' to diagnose my condition, because I'm 110% sure that I fall into that category. Social anxiety is a cha
  6. Yes! never ever ever ever waxing ever ever ever again! That was absolute hell :( It looked like I had three lips.
  7. A few months ago, I got my upper lip waxed and I had all these white lumps on my upper lip. They all turned into pimples.... imagine...... about 30+ white dots transformed to pimples. I wanted to die. they're all cleared up now, but I have the horrible scars that remind me of that difficult time. Has anyone else experienced this?
  8. I have itchy chest acne as well. It gets soo itchy and when I scratch it, it just looks like a rash and not acne. I'm not sure whether it is a rash or acne.. it drives me insane.
  9. I can relate to your situation. Acne has seriously affected my relationship with my current partner. intimacy actually becomes a challenge for me, no longer natural... no longer wanted... I try to avoid it as much as possible because of body acne. *sigh*
  10. Things I've given up/in the process of giving up: - the beach - socialising - relationships with close friends - relationship with 'boyfriend' - relationships with family slowly deteriorating - shopping for clothes. unable to wear any singlets/low-necked tops - skipping classes. affecting grades. - too many to list bascially, my life consists of lying in bed...... like a vegetable... and that's when I most feel comfortable. just lying in bed.. what a sad existence I lead. a little empathy? so
  11. On the contrary, Proactiv was a Godsend for me. It helped clear up my skin the first time... I went off it and my acne returned, so I went back on it and it cleared it up again. The downside - results are only temporary, so it's probably not as effective as I once thought.. *ponders* but still, I've tried a lot of products out there and proactiv seems to help me.
  12. I can see the logic in all this. But like some people, I'm not brave enough to give up my meds/creams just yet. It's funny, whenever I'm sick... my skin always seems to clear up. don't know why. maybe it's because i don't go through the lengthy process of cleansing/toning/moisturising etc etc. all I do is wash with water and stuff.. hmm
  13. I love proactiv. It's the only thing that helped clear my skin. was only temporary though..
  14. has anyone else tried the pulsed dye laser to treat these scars? is it an obscure unknown procedure or do many derms/cosmetic surgeons familiar with it?
  15. I can relate to everything you have just said - 110% and yes, you do have BDD. Even though it's not an illusion, your appearance and flaws still affect your day-to-day functioning significantly which is what BDD is all about. Look up that website I posted...and read the description there. It just makes you cry because you can relate to everything being said. There's a supportive forum there as well where people actually UNDERSTAND what you're going through. Understanding and empathy are so
  16. Just wondering if anyone else has BDD. Please tell me I'm not alone.. http://www.bddcentral.com
  17. hey, just joined.. I've read the regimen, printed it out... and now i need to obtain the supplies I'm interested in buying Dan's BP gel. Just wondering what acnesupplies.com package looks like. does it come to you with ACNESUPPLIES.COM written all over the package? just curious...cos i know some companies display their logo/website on the package.