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  1. Leigh: Yes I was too scared of taking MINO out, but it hasn't been a problem at all. And with my old skin I thought I'd never stop breaking out and now skin causes me no worries. Rush: Give it 2 or 3 months for full effect. I just wanna say that yes sometimes your acne can be cured even when you think its impossible. Happened to me. Rae
  2. Leigh: Hi. Well I've been on Demulen 1/35 and 1/50. The 1/50 was a bit TOO much estrogen i.e. moodiness and weight gain. So 1/35 has been a great choice for me. I recently quit taking mino and have no breakouts, I quit mino for the obvious reason of it not mixing with Demlen. So now: Demulen 1/35, no mino, and 100 mg of Spiro does the trick. Good luck Rae
  3. Leigh: I was on a high estrogen birth control pill (Demulen) and Mino 100 mg a day when I started spiro. So no initial breakout. I swear my skin was clean in a week. Mine was hormonal, had to do with my thyroid, so i was breaking out on my lower jaw and chin area. Works like a charm...
  4. To whom it may concern: I've been on Spiro for a year, 100 mg a day and completely clear. I was going to start accutane before this but now there is no need. I think most of the long term users no longer visit cause it does work. I'll be happy to answer what questions you have, I have no adverse side effects. Rae
  5. Don't feel bad, sometimes a cry is what you need. I just watched the Notebook and have been crying for about 2 hrs, now that is embarassing... rae
  6. My sister and my dad are both diabetics so I'm very aware of potential signs. My sister would wake up to go the bathroom 3 or 4 times a night and then be thirsty as all get out, and wouldn't want water she'd go and get a dr. pepper. This is a little gross but your urine will smelly weird too, because of the keytones... Rae
  7. A higher dose estrogen birth control can clear you up pretty fast. Yasmin is also effective and contains a small amount of Spirolactone. Which can also be taken separately and can clear up hard to deal with skin. Rae
  8. Sorry girls its been Forever... Also Spiro is long term treatment that you don't get immune to, finally the search can be over Rae
  9. Lupe, I'm on Demulen right now. Zovia is the generic form. I have been on the 1/50 and 1/35 pills. Now I'm not going to lie the 1/50 did make me put on weight and I thought since I had already gained weight starting the pill years ago I wouldn't gain when I switched to this higher estrogen pill. I was wrong, BUT I feel like I can loose weight but its harder to lose acne. So I think clearer skin is worth watching what I eat right now. I started Demulen and Spiro in August and now the skin is the
  10. Unruly, Finally we get to hear from the illusive you haha I really enjoyed your novel and I'm sure many people can relate being able to be clear for a while then acne is back with a vengeance. I just wanted to let you know that there are other hormonal issues that don't show up that cause acne. Like a thyroid disorder, either underactive or overactive (I'm underactive) can be done by a simple blood test and acne is a symptom of that disease. And my acne is hormonal and has been controlled perfe
  11. I wish I had never used Retin-A. It really wrecked my skin a few years ago, not only acne-wise but the tone, oil, etc. part. Just so you know. Rae
  12. Ryan, I waxed while I was using Tazorac and Benzaclin and had no adverse side effects. But I also didn't put the medication near my eyebrows. Rae
  13. No doubt, I'm sorry you are hurting. I was there about 7 months ago and boy do it suck at the time. However these days I don't even think about it and my life is the best its ever been. If you need to talk message me or pm me. Rae
  14. Hey ladies, Sorry I haven't been around lately, been having to do law school applications which are about as frustrating as acne haha Anyways I wanted to say hi and see how everyone was progressing. I also went to my general doctor the other day and he of course asked the regular question of what medications that I'm on right now. I told him about spiro being used for my skin, he had no idea that it also had that use. He treats alot of older patients with spiro for heart related problems but h
  15. Tom from Blink has a lot of sex appeal in my eyes haha In case we're gauging "sexiness" that's my ideal... Rae