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  1. I've been using the LM Oil Free foundation in Porcelain Ivory for 6+ months. I love it. My skin has yellow and pink undertones so a lot of makeup makes me look too yellow/orange/pink. This gives me a perfect color match. It's never been the cause of my breakouts. I have hormonal cystic acne, so I go through good & bad acne stages. I love that the coverage is buildable but for times when I have redness from acne, I use a little concealer afterwards and my face looks great. A lot of peo
  2. Where do you get these food allergy tests done? At your regular doctor's office or a specialist?
  3. Killas - What made your cystic acne go away? *curious*
  4. I'm 11 weeks pregnant and have hormonal cystic acne. Is there anything you can recommend that is safe for pregnancy - and actually works? Does anyone know if Alpha Hydrox AHA Souffle is safe? I've heard it works on cysts. Is there any topical meds I should definitely avoid? Thanks so much! Kim
  5. Sassy - Cool. I might try it too. I looked all over the boards for reviews but couldn't find any... Hope it works!
  6. It has been about 3 weeks since I got off prozac and guess what? No more cysts! I don't think it is a coincidence. This is the clearest my skin has been in a long time.
  7. Makeup Alley just sent out an email about this product:Anti-Cyst Treatment by Renee Rouleau Has anyone tried it or heard of it? It sounds promising to me, but who knows? Kim
  8. How much do cortisone injections cost? Are they super expensive?
  9. I've never heard of SAM-E, I'll have to look it up. The light sound promising! Thanks for the tips.
  10. I have dry eyes, though not from Accutane. It is so annoying when people think that I've been crying or haven't slept. One gal points out my red eyes everytime I talk to her. The next time I see her I'm tempted to sarcastically tell her that yeah, I need to get off the drugs. I've just recently been looking into prescription eye drops, as I've heard you don't have to use them as frequently throughout the day. Also, I've started taking a supplement I got at Walmart for $9 called Thera Tear
  11. I would get a second opinion before starting accutane at your age and at that dosage. The side effects can be much more severe for patients in your age group. Plus, it can mess with your growth.
  12. I'm sorry, I should clarify - I have mild seasonal depression, so I don't need to be on prozac. I am in no way saying that if you have a serious condition like OCD or severe depression that you should quit taking your meds because it can cause acne.