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  1. I've made several posts about oil production and redmarks in other threads, but i'll quickly summarize to offer a background before i make my main point at the bottom. my "regimen" mainly consists of lessening how often i wash and cleanse my face. I personally have seen a lot less oil in my new routine (and faster healing of marks), by simply cleansing once per day instead of twice (ie. cleanse at night, quick splash of water in the shower in morning). I used MaMa lotion on a couple redmarks
  2. Hi. Are you using the new formula from the whiterskin company? I just got my jar in today of the new version. The old one was working well to rid the spots, but it was also making my face very itchy and rough. the new one seems less drying but ive only put it on one night so far. ←
  3. there have been plenty of creams mentioned on this board, perhaps not recently? i believe however there is a pinned topic above which states what has worked for folks and what has not. for me several things have worked with varying degrees of success... 1) lessening cleansing efforts (by only conducting a morning ritual) 2) going a day or two without washing at all 3) http://www.whiterskin.com/index.html 4) DDF fade gel 5) some people seem to rant and rave about MaMa lotion -- which i star
  4. lol -- i wonder if the language you choose is necessary, but i digress. i mentioned in a different thread that i've cut my routine drastically. it's now just morning where i cleanse in the shower and then moisturize afterward. i'm probably going to work in some exfoliating once a week or so. but i've abandoned the night regimen completely, just lying down and going to sleep after work, as you put it so eloquently... it's helped me greatly. plus, isn't the morning easier anyway since it's t
  5. first post here (white male, 23 years) -- wanted to offer some anecdotal support for this as well. i'm not as drastic in my routine however. i was washing morning and night with a cleanser and then moisturizing, abandoned from relief when i would awake to more breakouts and frustration. i remembered when i was in high school and my skin having a more natural color to it. thus, i decided to release the night regimen all together -- just showering in the morning, using a cleanser and then a mo