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  1. yes, you absolutely scar more the older you get. same here, i have had so many over the years but i didn't start scarring til recently (early 30's).
  2. this is a weird question so i am wondering if anyone has had this experience. a few weeks ago i posted to ask about a shallow saucer like mark i had from a scab i picked. the scab was coming off so i pulled it and the other end tore leaving a little hole on my cheek between my lip and nose. i have has cystic acne for years and have had much worse and they have always ususally healed. so it is going on 2 months and not filling in and i couldn't figure out why. so this morning i wake up and i
  3. Go to http://www.laserskinsolutions.com/ Go to procedures, fraxel and under the picture shown on the page, click open. It will show you 2 before & after Fraxel pictures. From what I've read on these boards, many people have had HUGE problems with Thermage.:whistle: I'd stay away from it. So far the only Fraxel pics I've seen are Floridaguy's and I was impressed. So much so I'm thinking about a consultation. Oh and another good place to read up on procedures is the acne board at ht
  4. i have one more oberservation to make about these f^&*)$ things...is it just me or does it seem like they are never going to fill in and you are going to be left with something resembling the grand canyon on your face, and then once about a month or so passes, it seems like when it finally starts closing, it happens rather quickly? so maybe the whole time you were staring at it thinking it would never heal, there was healing happening way down below where you couldn't see it?
  5. thanks colin. but just b/c it is a slow process doesn't mean the process has halted, right? i mean the skin heals so eventually it would have to close up, albeit maybe not perfectly but like lexi's it should end up looking like a linear mark. ← Some of my scars have began forming linear type marks. They look better than they did but I am just impatient and want them all to miraculously disappear! We all know that's not possible. Have you considered anything to help them fill? How de
  6. one more thing, lexi. would you say that the saucer like ones (or crater like) you have have filled in or closed to the point that someone else wouldn't know you had them? did you try cp serum on them and did that help? i think it helped mine a little. did yours ever look like it closed up or is it still the saucer shape? thank you for your time! ←
  7. In my experience every scar has looked a million times worse when I first got it. Once the redness goes away I am sure that it will fill in a lot and wont be anything to worry about. I have ahd some deep marks that filled in pretty well over a few months time. Dont sweat it give it time to heal then worry. Peace ←
  8. if i have a saucer like mark left from pimple that has been healing for about a month, how long can it take to fill in? it is still pink and i have only used CP Serum which seemed like it was really working...now i am giving it a break and seeing if it fills in on its own.
  9. ugh! i have suffered from cystic acne for as long as i can remember. i am 31, and it has gotten better especially with minocyclene for me. i am lucky not to have much scarring considering how awful these lesions have been. i had one that scared on my cheek and i had subsicion which i felt made it worse. then i had it filled with restylane which is costly and often. i am in the midst of having 5 Fraxel treatments and after two that old scar has softened a bit but i will probably fill it wil