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  1. ^ That's a myth. Well, picking sounds bad but popping is ok. You just need self control. For a pimple like yours, don't try popping it early, wait for it to fill out all the way. And if you think its ready that night, wait til the next morning. Then pop it after you take a warm shower (or after keeping a warm cloth on it for a while) and this might sound bad but its been recommended to me by derms and other sites, this one has something about it if i recall correctely. You take a needle (the th
  2. see the weird thing about mine is it isnt red all over, its more like in patches. it looks like maybe i put to much to the left of my eye or something because its just red, but then on my forehead it is a lighter red but dry looking. im just not sure if its normal or not, if it was red all over it would make more since, but its in random patches, should i stop using retin-a micro for a few days? i only use it every other day.
  3. Have any of you guys that have used retin-a micro got little patches of dry, kind of red scaly skin? its not that big of a deal, but what should i do to get rid of them? i have two on my forehead and theyve just gotten a little bigger over the last week, any advise on what to do? do you think they will go away naturally or should i put some lotion or something on them? thanks for any advice.
  4. 2x a day MAX. your face needs time to heal and washing it actually irritates it slightly. and id def recomend getting cetaphil gentle cleanser. it doesnt seem like it does a lot, but thats exactly what you need on accutane and after it.
  5. powder will be absorbed much better than capsules. it tastes a little strange but you get used to it, just take a teaspoon of powder, mix it in cold water for 30 seconds and drink it three times a day. i would definilty go with the powder if i were you.
  6. how did cetaphil gentle cleanser break you out? that stuff is probably the best thing out there. it doesnt have anything at all in it that can cause break outs...it might not be enough to prevent them, but its not gonna cause them.
  7. if you are just looking for a face wash...id give cetaphil antibacterial soap. its a bar of soap so you just have to work some lather off of it and wash your face. it has absolutely no fragrances or anything that is bad for your face that just about every single other face wash has. i use that and switch off with the cetaphil cleanser. id really recomend it tho, it may be what you need and its only 2 to 4 bucks.
  8. fish oil is better if you are taking it as a softgel pill, but if you really want to help your skin i would take a tablespoon of flaxseed oil once or twcie a day. you can buy actual flaxseed oil at a health food store and if you put it in some juice and take it like a shot you dont taste anything. ive found it to be amazing for my skin and so have a lot of people here if you look under the flaxseed oil ratings.
  9. taking b5 in powder form will be much more effective than capsule form. with powder you take a half teaspoon 3x a day. if you are going those capsules, you will have to take 20 a day (10grams). the best deal and product i have found is b5 from acne miracle. they are the most legit, not like some companies just trying to make as much money as possible. plus they sell a b5 gel. you should really check out this website link at the bottom, also make sure you take a b-complex vitamin everyday. tak
  10. curel will clog your pores and cause acne. id use a different mostorizer, like cetaphil.
  11. i still need chapstick everyday and ive been done for two years. dont worry about a breakout coming back man, just enjoy your nonpimply existence. i wouldnt use any products expect cetaphil face wash and mostorizer. if anything your skin needs some time away from chemicals. i would take flaxseed oil or something tho, that helps with your complexion and is great for your health, it also thins out the sebum oil and that helps keep pimples from froming. you can get it at health food stores and it d
  12. yes the skin around it will be red 2xAHA a day won't be harsh on yr skin? 15% sounds like a lot...but i dont really know much about aha. i would defniitly only use that once a day at night, and wait a little while after appling it to put on a mosterizer. it really just depends on hwat your skin can handle, if its too much you would probably know.