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  1. I have tried so many foundations. For someone with oily skin like me, it has been difficult to find the right one. I really like the look of Revlon foundations. I liked the Clinique clarifying but recently they discontinued it and added a new one in it's place . It has a good matt finish, I think it is great for some days when you just want light coverage. I used Neutrogena skin clearing foundation a while back but can't seem to remember why I stopped. I love the Almay and Clinique bra
  2. Yes, it should be out of the question. Not only will you be doing permanent damage to your skin but it could actually end up making your scars look worse since the sun can damage your skin to the poing of losing elasticity which will make scars appear worse. I have to say that a teeny bit of sun might not be a bad thing since it is how we absorb vitamin d, but be very careful. If you must have a tanned look, have you considered face tanners? The lotion type? Some of these contain sunscreen as w
  3. I think you should wait till the redness fades before you make any conclusions. Honestly though, 1200 is not much for laser treatments. Just one Fraxel restore in my area is around 800. I may be confusing it with the repair, but the less agressive one in this area is 800 per treatment and sometimes less with package deals. I spent around 1200 on smoothbeam when it first came out and for a few years after. I spent 1000 on dermabrasion for my cheeks more than 15 years ago. It costs alot more n
  4. It's hard to tell exactly the extent of your scarring with those pictures. They seem too small. I am unsure which Fraxel you had but it seems you may want to go with a more ablative procedure to get the desired results. I say this because I am being realistic. I don't know what type of funds you may have available or treatment options in your area but many people do not have their desired results with just 4 Fraxel treatments for scarring. I have been a member for years and read alot of the F
  5. PLEASE DON'T DO ANYTHING TO YOUR FACE RIGHT NOW. Sorry for the caps but I think even considering anything right now is not a good idea. I think you got a deep peel and your skin is still healing. Possibly they made a mistake with the percentage upon production. I don't think it is as bad as you may think since your skin looks irritated and slightly inflamed. Avoid using anything harsh right now and give it some time to heal up. I think it should go back to normal. I've done a few tca peels an
  6. Hi, when I had a dermabrasion years ago, I was told to keep the area moist with ointment and not allow it to scab. It worked. This was done by a plastic surgeon. Not to be confused with a 'micro-dermabrasion". My skin looked similar to a peeled tomato for about a week. I swabbed with q-tips going sideways to remove dead skin but still allowed the skin to remain moist. He recommended that I use bicinactrin ointment to be specific. I didn't have deep scars but one ice pic which was made shallo
  7. He is probably feeling so confident and not worrying about his scars anymore. I used to post quite often and havn't in ages. I don't know why. Please the "soon to be 30 year old", don't be so depressed. It was difficult for me as well. I can relate. 40 was not nearly as bad. You will most likely age gracefully since you probably are by most standards, very informed with skin care and take great care of yourself. Surely you can find positive things about yourself to focus on. Our skin is not
  8. Update: Over 2 weeks on this supplement. I noticed a few pimples last week, one kind of large on left cheek near hairline. Both did go away and now skin is clear. Possibly a slight purge. Btw, I am a 44 yr old female who still experiences occasional breakouts. I have slightly to moderately oily skin. I feel the Dim has slightly to signifigantly reduced the oil production in my skin. Yesterday I took a nap with 4 hr old makeup on my face. It still looked ok when I woke up. Normally, I would be
  9. I'm only on day two of this and havn't completely read this thread. I wish there were some updates. I am taking the Nature's Way DIM - plus which I purchased locally at a vitamin shop for 13.99. I took two tablets yesterday and noticed quite a mood change. Felt very relaxed. Very odd for a first time dosage. I was not expecting this and have read that some people notice an overall good mood with this supplement. I fell asleep quickly last night even after drinking coffee mid afternoon. Very o
  10. I think if all else fails within the next few months, accutane is the way to go. Things I have tried that work and I am 44 with still quite oily skin. Asprin mask: Dissolve some generic asprin till it becomes a paste, then apply it to your skin. Leave it on for a while, wash off with warm water. I would stop with the exfoliation. I do believe bacteria can be spread this way. I like the clean and clear toner which has salicylic acid, works as an exfoliant to unclog pores. Ten o six toner is go
  11. I've read about MAC studiofix breaking out ALOT of people. May not break out everyone and I havn't tried it. I was actually watching Utube of a guy who swears studiofix will breakout your skin. He is a reputable makeup artist and worked for bare escentuals for years. Even claimed bare essentuals breaks out some as is evident if you read this board much. Possibly the bismuth or something in it. I think he claimed studiofix is great for occasions but not every day wear because of the ingredients.
  12. I sometimes use the Almay Clear skin makeup. The coverage is okay but it does not have alot of staying power. Good foundation for 10-12 bucks. You might want to try the Clinique clarifying. I am hooked on it. It has excellent coverage. Medium to heavy if you wish. Around 20.00 with tax and all. Not so bad and I have purchased at least a dozen in the past few years. I would love to find one just as good for around half the price, but havn't .
  13. While it's not really a liquid---- Clinique Clarifying makeup in the tube. I use the 04 light beige. It covers very well and lasts most of the day even on my oily skin. It seems a bit dry at first but after an hour or so, it seems much better. I don't love spending the 20 bucks on it, but it is well worth it. I have tried alot of dept store brands and still use the Almay clearing kind occasionally but it does not cover or last as well. I even tried the Estee Lauder doublewear? a few weeks ago an