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  1. WOW! My skin is so clear at the moment. I'm so happy. I've only used the Duac gel twice so far as it made the top of my cheeks really red and puffy and my eyes were a bit swollen! It wasn't that bad and only lasted a day so i will prob start using it again tomorrow!!!
  2. I went to see the dermatologist today. He said that i don't need to take any tablets for my skin at the moment as my skin is too clear. I asked him if he thought it was the Minocycline that made me much clearer and he said no as Minocycline usually clears skin within 48 hours, and mine didn't clear until week 8. (Even though i stopped taking it at week 6). This has confused me as i'm sure i read in the leaflet that it doesn't start working for 6-8 weeks. I was so sure it was the Minocycline t
  3. My skin is now even clearer than when i posted those pictures. I'm quite happy with it at the moment, and have cancelled the liver function blood test and pregnancy test that i was meant to be having on monday as i am too clear to have Roaccutane. At this stage i'm thinking that the Minocycline did work, even though i stopped taking it after 6 weeks. It was 2 weeks after that my skin became very good. Its hard to tell why it is so clear. I have a couple of tiny, tiny spots but nothing that a n
  4. The best exfoliator i have ever used is called Radience Treatment by Collin. It cost £16.50 and it is brilliant.
  5. Oh my god! I thought i was the only person in the world that does this! I have to wear mitts or socks on my hands at night, otherwise i wake up picking or feeling my face!
  6. Ackerman you are so not fked! I talk to you alot on msn and you are one of the most beautiful people i have ever spoken to. I only wish you could realise this!
  7. I have just posted pictures of my skin in my gallery! This took guts to take these pictures and post them on the internet! It was really scary doing this! Anyway my skin is still quite clear, apart from all the old red marks, and a horror of a spot that has come up on the left side of my face, and a few others by my ear and on the left side of my chin. I must admit i was rather shocked when i saw the digital images!
  8. My face has been very clear this week! I only have 2 tiny active spots! The rest is just old red marks! I'm feeling very lucky at the moment! I've been using 'Johnsons- holiday skin- daily facial moisturiser' for normal- combination skin for the past week. This stuff is great, it has given me a nice glow and is keeping my skin very soft! I'm not sure whether it's this that has helped my skin or not? I'm off to the clothes show in Birmingham this Saturday, and i have alot of parties and xmas
  9. OW OW OW My face is very sore. Just 2 days after having very good skin, lots of painful spots have come up again! They are mainly on my jaw-line. I have one above my lip. Never ending evil spots.
  10. Thanks Julie! Its been a week since i stopped taking the Minocycline and i feel much better. My skin is the best it has been since the spots came back 4 months ago. I'm not sure why it's so much better. I've been doing a few things- 1) Brush exfoliation quite alot which has helped to give me a smoother complexion. - Definately a good thing to do. 2) Using Acne Getaway 101E (Which my friend Chad recommended me- i'm sure its working!) 3) Or could it be that the Minocycline has started working
  11. Do you think this is because women can cover their skin with make-up? Or is this just a general statement>? It's so hard for me to understand because i'm a girl, but if what you say is true, why did i fancy a guy with acne so badly? For one, men are less superficial than women, IMO. Secondly, men are the ones who have to initiate the relationship. If a guy is good looking, he can just sit back and have women basically come to him. However, if he has acne, he better damn well have a gr
  12. You are so right! It's just a very very bad habit that i have. I'm trying to learn not to do it. Today i haven't picked my face once. I just hope i can carry on like this, and stop picking altogether!
  13. Do you think this is because women can cover their skin with make-up? Or is this just a general statement>? It's so hard for me to understand because i'm a girl, but if what you say is true, why did i fancy a guy with acne so badly?
  14. You people are going to think i'm completely mad! I pick my spots alot. I can't seem to stop. I reckon, if i admit it, i pick my face about at least 3 times a day. It's so bad that i have to wear mitts to bed because if i don't i wake up in the night and i'm picking my face in my sleep!!!! WTF!!! Have i completely lost the plot, or do other people do this?!