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  1. This is a completely unrelated question, but it is in regards to the Olay SPF that Dan uses. A few years ago I used these Olay foaming cleansing pad things, and I ended up being allergic to them and my face got all bumpy, but that went away after I stopped usage. I haven't touched an Olay product since because I'm scared, what are the chances I'd be allergic to the Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin? By the way, I've never had an allergic reaction to ANYTHING except for those pads.
  2. Yay, exactly what I've been waiting for Now I can try out jojoba and this for the first time, and I am planning on replacing the morning part of the regimen with cleanse and AHA only. I suppose I'll update here if anything out of the ordinary happens. Thanks again Dan!
  3. Is there a reason you decided to stop the only AHA in the morning and BP at night regimen Dan? I am still planning on doing only AHA in the morning because it seems like it would really cut down on prep time before starting the day.
  4. Something I would like to ask Dan about... You supposedly loved the AHA in the morning and BP at night routine, and you said you put your sunscreen on after the AHA so you don't get burnt. I play frisbee virtually every day in the sun this summer, and I haven't had SPF since using Eucerin's discontinued lotion back in the day, but with 10% AHA, I think it's time to put on some sunscreen before I end up getting skin cancer. My question for you is: what sunscreen solution do you put over the AHA?
  5. So, I've looked on these forums in the past quite a bit. I always thought I had Keratosis Pilaris or Folliculitis... but I've never truly known - so I want to be diagnosed (on here no less) once and for all, hehe. I'm 1/2 white, 1/4 malaysian, 1/4 chinese, and my brother has the same *dragonskin* type stuff on his arms as I do. I've been using ZNP bar for around 3 weeks on my torso to see if that would fix anything, but no improvement whatsoever (though I don't leave the lather on there for more
  6. I just wanted to say.. I'm so psyched for this soon-to-be-released product! I've been on the site/checking the forums a lot recently because I read the blogs about the stuff, and I was just wondering if anyone else was anxious as I am for it. I've been on the regimen for 3-4 years now I guess (geez, it doesn't seem that long), and having the possibility of taking the whole morning part of the routine sounds too good to be true right now. I've never gotten completely clear, probably because I don
  7. Underoath is good too havent listened to them in a while though, You'll love warped tour, only time in my life i've ever gotten even the slightest of a sunburn (shirtless for 9 hours in the sun, im half-asian so i dont burn). And about the jojoba oil... i was wondering, has there be even ONE reported case from the samples or anything about dan's moisturizer breaking them out? because i know jojoba oil breaks some people out supposedly (probably because they clog their pores with it putting too
  8. Gyroscope, i hear ya! I can't wait to get Dan's moisturizer (just ordered it seconds ago). Also i like your taste in music! I forgot warped tour was soon... i went to it last year and loved it, i would loveeee to see Killswitch Engage and Parkway Drive and others in concert.
  9. mmm.. can't wait for the moisturizer with SPF! i just completely ran out of the discontinued Eucerin lotion today, so i have to use Lac-Hydrin Five from now on, with no SPF..
  10. hehe, i left it on for a while, my face isnt even red, for some reason my skin is resilient to everything. never gotten a sunburn in my life so anyways, keep dan's gel on when i get it, gotcha, thanks for the info
  11. well, i just got the Purpose gentle cleansing bar, and the neutrogena oil-free moisture lotion in the mail today, and i have C&C Continuous Control ceanser already. So, while im waiting for Dan's BP gel, i wanted to get a little head start. Anyways, im using the 10% bp C&C stuff at the moment, and i was wondering, in the reigmen instructions it says dont wash the bp off. when i put the C&C BP on, it doesnt really absorb well, even after like.. 5 minutes of lightly rubbing it on. So
  12. froogle papaya soap :-D 10 pages of stuff EDIT: lol, whoops, didnt notice the 14 pages, only read the first page, looks like more reading for me
  13. If you've skipped a bunch of posts and havent read everything, at least read this if you see it. first off, im 17, i havent started the regimen yet (waiting for stuff in the mail), and i've used 10% bp on and off before and never really noticed any wrinkling. anyways, after reading 4 pages, for about 1 and a half hours to make sure i was understanding everything. I've come to the conclusion, from reading alllll of this, that bp does not cause wrinkling, you may see wrinkles from your skin be