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  1. To truely say the real reason I joined acne.org was to do a 20 page report and presentation on acne and how Psychology played a huge role. I know I posted wierd and obnocious posts. Was just to past the time and get influential responses. No pictures , names ect ect is givein out. This is purely a study. I'm not going for any award, except for an A+ on my paper. I tried not to offend anyone except when they offended me. But If I did offend you in anyway, I'm sorry. I have been on many sites t
  2. I totally missed this one. Just to clear this up, you took Psychology as an elective. Right? Or you would have not posted this on agreeing to Peavey's post. To understand and further study how to be a Psychiatrist, well you need to master in Psychology first. There is no course for being a Psychiatrist that I'm aware of. Maybe you can help me on this since you went to a University. Or are you lieing?
  3. Whoah, like, dude, you should, like, be a psychiatrist. Mate, do not use the fact that you are doing a psychology degree to make your advice sound safe. That's bloody irresponsible and you (should) know better. Only a registered psychiatrist should dispense advice like that. Psychology is a field completely seperate to the skills a psychiatrist has. Psychologists are scientists, Psychiatrists are doctors. I wouldnt take your advice any more than I ask Steven Hawking to prescribe me cough
  4. Like and Love are 2 different concepts. Then you got looks -> then personality. I am currently majoring in Psychology at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, PA. Emotional distortment is one of the key influences in Pyschology. You really are not in a hard situation from my perspective. I usually would have to sit with you and ask you numourus question before I can give a finally advice. But from what you posted, I can give you a hint on where I'm heading with this. In the end, you will be hurting
  5. Ok Pimply Might of Darth Teenager . I never said, you said anything about being a geek , nerd or anti social loser for haveing acne. If you read and understand or even comprehend what I wrote, it clearly states You (TribuneOfThePeople) are the person on why OTHER people (clear skin people) think that people with acne are geeks ect ect. I hate repeating myself . To be honest, I can careless what you think of what religion is or is not. You alone, are godless. This is the first sign of "my parents
  6. Just going to slap you with some reality. About 99.9% of everyone on these forums , their life will not be recognized. Unless you did something or something happend to you and the whole world recognized your name. But thats a slime chance. Very slim chance. This little dark cloud you put yourself into is a lame excuse to cry over or even vent about. Maybe this is the aftermath of what acne did to you, I dunno. Some advice, rewrite the bible and put your name in every slot that says "God". Then
  7. why do people always have to bring religion into these arguments Becuase its the Emotional and Pyschological threads. God is Pyschological and can be used for Emotional problems. duh Hope you can understand or did I just hurt your brain? Anyways, Get better Kamni. Dont know why your depressed. From your pics, you should be dynomite in person. I thought people already told you that or is it not sinking in yet? Oh your still a teenager, guess it wont for awhile.
  8. Your just bored? Your the one that makes people think that a person with acne is a geek, nerd , and anti-social loser. The only thing I get from your post is that their is nothing you can do to yourself to change. Your fucked now and will stay fucked. Live and deal with it. I hope you have acne the rest of your miserable life. When you do die and meet "God". I hope he looks at your face and goes "ewww , I'm going to let you live in purgatory till you find the cure". Also you wounder why
  9. Before I headout tonight on this glorious saturday night. This is only between me and Frank. Noone else is included. Maybe this is why he wanted e-mails only or PM's. I understand now Frank.
  10. e-mail f^ck e-mailing. I'll share my experience publicly. When I was 9 years old my mother disowned me becuase I got a zit by my left temple. She made me sleep in the dog house that my father made for my dog witch now lives in my parents house. The onlytime I was aloud in the House, was when nobody was home. My Father put an electric dog collar around my neck, so if I woundered to far , I'd get electricuted. When I turned 14, I pretty much lived on my own. I became a prostituite for a living
  11. My story: I used be a nice kid, had many friends , even the mail man new my name. Till one day I got acne. Thats when my life change mentally and pyschically. I begged my mother to take me to the derm. She refused, she recommended me not to pick at my acne and more will not show. I was furious. I tried everything from lathering dog urin on my face to drinking bleach. Nothing worked. NOTHING! I spent all my money that I had recieved on acne creams and pills. Thats when I knew I was in trouble.
  12. Uhm? wow. You ok james? I'm here to help. Don't think I did anything to this poor young girl in distress. I have no stories for this one bro. I hope she gets well
  13. Just thought I'd add in my comment . First off acne and ugliness are like boyfriend and girlfriend. To only cure one or the other, you have to seperate one. You cannot do both. There will be a long point in life where both will exists. Lets say, you just got acne. Then your not ugly. If your ugly, then you dont got acne. In society, if you got acne your more than likely ugly in their eyes. Why? Becuase they misunderstood the concept of your acne. They are not familiar with foreign distortme