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  1. If it's gonna take a few months, and in the mean time make things worse, "Is it worth it?" really is a big question. I'm afraid to start using Bp because my outbreaks may be bad, but they ease away in a few days. But with Bp, it stays for weeks. Good on you koreankid and everyone else brave enough to use bp. personally, I dont think it's really worth it. Unless you can lock yourself up for 3 months without going out. And I'm being serious. It takes a lot of guts to go out with the side eff
  2. Before I start the regime I would rather try and see if I am allergic to Bp. How would I go about that? I read somewhere on the site that I could apply it to a small section of my skin. Where should I apply it? How small is small? How will I know I am allergic and not just the normal redness/swelling? I think I have used Bp before when I bought it from the pharmacy, and after using it the affected area really hurt. I dont remember really well, but I'm willing to try it again if it really