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  1. this is EXACTLY what worked for me btw. WASHING MY FACE WITH SOAP DAY AND NIGHT! I was too afraid before because i heard waching your face too hard can damage it... but it's acctaulyl gotten rid of my acne.. I rub it nice and hard all over my face to get rid of the all the bacteria then i move on to a cleanser which takes out the stuff the soap couldn't get. Good luck!
  2. inside my ears, inside my noze, on my butt cheeks, right on my lip... fucking acne SUCKS
  3. mine is starting to go away just now... it all began when i was 16/17 it was really bad up until this year (i am 21) it has slowed down dramatically, still have blackhead and some body acne, but nothing critical like it used to be. i'd say overall my face and bacne has cleared by about 85 percent!!
  4. do you have any before and after picture to prove your words? pictures can tell a thousand words .. post some up man also .. what moisturizer and soap bar did you use?
  5. Ordered Friday Sep 30th - today is Tuesday October 11 11 days now .. Is that how long it usually takes? I've had things shipped to me before using a slowe method and still got the item(s) at least within 10 days! I'd like to hear about you guys ... how long did it take for your BP gel to arrive? ps. got new breakouts yesterday and today because i ran out of On the Spot cream and didnt wanna buy a new one because i expected this one to arrive on Monday! AGHHHHH i neeeeed it NOW!! THANKS.
  6. it sounds like you feel really shitty about yourself because of your acne probs .. this would have been my approach ... PUT SOME DAMM MAKE UP ON OR SOMETING! DONT LET ACNE TAKE YOUR MORAL DOWN, JUST GET OVER IT!!! People usually (and girls especially) don't look at your face when the yare around you but rather the way you act and how confident you talk/make them laugh ... so just burn it off .. dont wash your face as much like some people advised it .. don't let this acne make you shy .. instea