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  1. Hi, it's been 6 years now, my scar still noticeable for redness. Is it because my acne scar too deep ? Here's today's face look shown in the attachment ! Currently, I'm only used St. Ives Acne Treatment Cleanser With Srubs & Aloe Vera. Any alternative solutions ?
  2. Linspire

    Improvement !!?

    Improvement !?
  3. Linspire

    Scar/Red Marks

    Scar/Red Marks
  4. Hello everyone , I already have so many scar / red marks left on my cheeks for five months . It just wouldnt fade away .... any idea to treat them ? Please help me define below pic whether it's scar o redmarks .[attachmentid=3377][attachmentid=3378]
  5. Guys , I'm 16 years old . Should I follow this regimen ? Giv me some advice . How can I get the ACV in Malaysia ? Cuz I'm quiet newbie on this regimen..
  6. I'm a school boy ( currently 16 years old ) . How many times should I apply for bp gel a day ? Did u apply T3 - Mycin gel ? Does it work great ?
  7. Hello guys , i want ask something . Can i apply bp gel on my whitehead ? My bp gel contents benzoyl peroxide 4% . Bp gel only can apply on the spot ? How about the the rest of the part that I do not get the pimples like my mouth , cheek n forehead ? Should I apply on them too ? Oh yeah , I'm from Malaysia . Does the hot weather can cause acne because weather here's quite hot . Hope , u guys can answer my questions .