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  1. I've been consuming a lot of lemon water (but not in excess) each day for body detoxing. I've been getting a lot of cystic break outs lately, and I was just wondering if it could possibly be the lemon water causing it or a different factor? I always hear that lemons are good for the skin.
  2. does the multivitamin have iodine in it? iodine leads to break outs in many people
  3. Is it safe to take them together?
  4. my forehead/temple are clear all the time but I always get painful cysts on my cheeks, especially the lower parts of my cheeks. I don't know why am I getting acne in these specific areas because of my diet or because I don't drink enough water everyday? or is it hormonal?
  5. hey! I'm considering trying out the gel but I just have a few questions. Do you think the product will work for moderate cystic acne? how long did it take for you to get clear skin using the gel?
  6. yup its the dumb toothpaste. because of it, i once had 3 pimples on the same area. they're always so painful and they're never heads. so the best thing to do is wait it out
  7. me too! I always read everywhere that 90% of us suffer from acne but why is that I only see like 2% affected by acne anywhere I go??? makes me more depressed...
  8. ever since I started using AHA 3 days ago and twice a day, the surface of my skin is super super oily after a few hours. other than that, everything is great. I'm just wondering is this only a temporary thing??
  9. I have oily skin too. VERY oily skin. everytime I look at my face in the mirror or in pics, the first thing IInotice is the shininess on my cheeks, my forehead, and my t-zone.. basically everywhere! in a whole day, I would have to use like 3/4 oil-absorbing sheets. so you're not alone... :/
  10. i wouldn't use toothpaste. it worsened and inflamed my pimples and made it form new ones around it
  11. I feel your pain and I'm going through the same thing. I recently started using the on-the-spot acne treatment w/ 2.5%bp but it made my skin REALLY red (and its still red right now) where I applied it and my pimples more noticeable. and in addition to that, my scars are fading slower than usual. so I abandoned bp forever and Im using aha. it's supposed to reduce the redness
  12. you should keep on trying for a few weeks because your skin needs to take time adjusting to the product so it takes a couple weeks to see significant results.