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  1. lilymartatina

    Regimen week 5

    getting really over this. skin looks as shitty as ever. following regimen to a t.
  2. lilymartatina

    the regimen week 3

    no change. I feel like my skin is worse. It feels like its spreading.
  3. lilymartatina

    2Nd Week Of The Regimen

    so its the second week and I'm still feeling pretty shitty about my skin. A little background about myself: all hell broke loose with my skin after I went off the birth control pill and got even worse after I entered college (even though I've been extremely careful about washing my face, etc) I've tried salicylic acid and raw honey, taking evening primrose oil (which I think made it worse) and I've turned to the regimen to help me, as I'm getting pretty desperate.
  4. lilymartatina

    The Regimen week 2!