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  1. Thanks for mentioning his name, so that others may be warned. It was Dr Yarborough from New Orleans. I am not even sure if he is still practicing, his hands were already shaking almost uncontrollably when I had my procedure done over 2 years ago.
  2. I can't remember the last time I visited this forum, probably more than two years ago. I was browsing through my email the other day and I happen to come across a notification that I have a message from one of the members in this forum. Anyway, I would like to share to you what I wrote her and hopefully would give some idea to other members who are looking at having this procedure.
  3. hi woodson, i hope your punchfloats will turn out okay. i had mine done last May 9 by dr Y and they turned out as a COMPLETE DISASTER. i know a lot of folks here say that dr Y and his staff are nice, friendly, etc etc but that is not the reason why i went to dr Y - i was expecting results, to make my scars look better. i actually did not have high expectations for the procedure, just some improvement. however, sad to say that i am now WORSE THAN BEFORE, with DEEPER and WIDER scars. i follow
  4. thank you simply me and butterflies if somebody would ask me about the steri-strips on my face i will tell them the truth. when i was on my way to the bank i was thinking of making up stories. yep, i thought of the windshield story, allergic reaction, rare infection, etc. but i said to myself it does not make any difference if i lied, so might as well tell the truth. this acne scar problem has hounded me all my life, has affected me socially and emotionally. now that i have tried to correct
  5. it is my 4th day today after the procedure. i was scheduled to have dermabrasion on june 27, but decided to postpone as i just got a new work assignment doing field work in houston. i will be under the sun and this is a big no-no for dermabrasion. summer is also not conducive to dermabrasion healing as the heat causes itch and more discomfort (butterflies told me so). i also want to see how the punch floats will turn out, after all it is a stand alone procedure to reduce acne scars, with up to 7
  6. Thank you so much for all the well-wishers, especially to anime girl for answering my questions. I did consider TCA cross, but i opted to have punch floats as in my opinion, this is a more reliable, effective and proven procedure. There are still dried blood on the steri-strips, but the oozing of blood has lessened. I guess this is caused by the fact that my punch floats are too many and close to each other (65 total, 31 on left side and 34 on the right). Another problem I am having right no
  7. thank you animegirl. i have not set up a schedule yet for the dermabrasion, as a $2.5k deposit is required. aside from the fact that i will be under the sun, i just spent $3250 for the punch floats, so might as well wait and see how it will turn out. i'll probably have the dermabrasion by fall. anyways, i have some few questions and would highly appreciate if you can answer them: 1. i read that you used neosporin and zinc oxide after the steri-strips fell off? did dr y recommend that? 2.
  8. I just had punch floats last May 9 by Dr Y, below is the link to the before and after photos. I told Dr Y to punch float as many scars as he can so that once I have the dermabrasion, I will have best results. I had a total of 65 punch floats. As you will see in the photos (see link below), not all of my scars were punch floated. I guess the ones that can be diminished by dermabrasion were left. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/buknoymaster/album?.dir=2fa6 Will post photos as I heal. See relat
  9. Yes, Dr Yarborough did my punch floats just yesterday. I told Dr Y to punch float as many scars as he can so that once I have the dermabrasion, I will have best results. I had a total of 65 punch floats. As you will see in the photos (see link below), not all of my scars were punch floated. I guess the ones that can be diminished by dermabrasion were left. I am expecting about 50% to 60% improvement. I'm from Dallas, and I just drove coming and going from NO. I am very careful not to move or to
  10. Dr Y did my punch floats. It was $50 each so I paid $3250 for 65 punch floats. I am suppose to have dermabrasion on June 27 but decided to postpone it until I see what the punch floats would look like after they heal. Also, I just got assigned some field work in Houston for about 3 months so I will be exposed under the sun, definitely a no-no for dermabrasion. My face was initially cleaned with alcohol, using a sterile pad. Then the scars that are to be punch floated were marked by a regu
  11. this is a very timely topic, I just had punch floats yesterday. Total of 65 punch floats. Will post pics later. Butterfly, what happened to your punch floats, your comment about them not turning out well kinda scares me.
  12. first of all, thank you folks for sharing your experiences and frustrations in having to face acne scars. just having a forum like this helps a person like me deal with the emotional, social and psychological trauma of having acne scars. going straight to a doctor and seeking advise MAY NOT turn out to be the best thing to do as they would likely ONLY recommend procedures that they know of, due to the commercialism of the medicine profession. i found this out a couple of years back when i waste
  13. I have consulted a dermatologists about 2 years ago and she has classified my scars as "ice pick". She recommended that I undergo microdermabrasion sessions, which I did. I had about 8 sessions, each session lasting about 30 to 45 minutes, but I did not see any noticeable improvements. I was supposed to have 10 session but decided not to finish it. I am at the dallas-fort worth metroplex area and any recommendations would be highly appreciated. I have seen before and pictures of laser surgery w
  14. I am planning on having my scars "revised". I know I can only expect so much improvement. I am looking for a doctor who has experience in surgical excision/subcision. Any of you good folks here have any recommendation? I have posted pics of my scars now and would post new pictures once I have the surgery done. But I need to find a good doctor. I tried searching the internet but could not find any expert on this procedure. link to pics of my scars: http://photos.yahoo.com/ph/buknoymaster/sl...%2