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  1. Here is your answer. I was put on prednisone for my acne, in conjunction with Accutane. You can only stay on prednisone for about 3 months roughly before it starts to cause acne rather than prevent it... Prednisone is a drug whereby if ur on it for a reasonably lengthy period of time you need to gradually work off. You cant stop prednisone cold turkey, otherwise you will get a huge breakout so its a very slow work off the drug. I was on prednisone for about 4 months... its great it does calm
  2. yeah thats how u spell it... Crohn's lol. :/ Yeah i think it has a big corrolation to certain types of creatine... I think they said if u can smell or taste creatine in your drink dont take it! Its a substance that should be oderless (obviously dont sniff the barrel it comes in lol because u will smell it) but in the water u take it. I think they linked it to certain forms i think the monohydrate one was fine ... i was on NANO creatine and i think that definantly was fine, but for safety purpos
  3. humidity is a bitch ... i go to the beach heaps to swim in the salt water and to bodyboard... so i think the salt in itself dries up the sweat. Just when i dont go i get breakouts.
  4. stick with protein mate, creatine i was on for 6 months with cycling.. and i didnt bother with the loading phase... i did find a moderate increase to my acne even though i was on accutane. The reason i stopped also was because the radio did a full thing on creatine saying it caused chrones disease ... so i stopped pretty quick and never been on since. Whether its true or not i duno... but i just stick to protein now. I find creatines a bit of a waste though.. as soon as u come off it u deflate.
  5. dude man i'd be lucky to drink a can of coke once a month!!!! in general, u should seriously look into ur diet if ur drinking that much coke... Oh well non-the-less it will be interesting to see ur progress.
  6. I hate acne sooo much more than having to urinate many times a day.
  7. Eat more citrus fruits... i found out that i hardly ate them and i love them now! i'm guessing the acid in them might help .. .just like the lemon acid but less bitter.
  8. I too have noticed (i've been working out for years) but sweat makes me touch my face which in turn irritates my skin also.. its soo frustrating though even when i dont touch my skin i get acne. I'm soo pissed off about it because i love working out.
  9. Haha great breakdown 5... alot of scientific research went into it i see! lol thanks for sharing ur thoughts. Yeah i have to agree water drinking doesnt cure overnight but it seems to...
  10. Yeah i had a bad meal last night, i had like a full thing of pepsi and like a KFC meal ( i usually aint a junk food person ), and i have to say i woke up this morning with quite a few more whiteheads than wanting... so i'm pumping the water!
  11. I basically say constantly drink water... If ur not going to the toilet every 30mins or less ur not drinking enough! lol... Just dont drink heaps at one time coz it can make u feel sick .. spread drinking constantly over the day rather tahn bam all at once.
  12. have u guys also tried putting hot water in a bown then putting a blanked over the top and basically having a sauna... I rekon that helps also.. i tried it the other day ... woke up the next morning looking great! (but also due to drinking heaps of water!)
  13. just take vitamin supplements with ur water if ur worried about loosing vitamins and minerals! I'm sure ur not gonna loose that much minerals from drinking water! Motivation is like the gym... u go to look good if u stop u look crap. Same with water
  14. I rekon a month of drinking heaps of water could even have the equivilant of accutane lol. (dont quote me on that ... thats speculation) Water is the bomb! every day i notice an improvement! less whiteheads... less itchyness of the face! just gotta wait for the scars to go away :/
  15. Eh just drink water man, dont put tea on ur face coz it wont work.