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  1. Accutane is a "no no" for you? Not to sound rude, but you really might want to re-think that. Accutane is a MUST for you. Waste time with topicals and you'll be severely scarred for life. If the cost is a problem, they have a free program you can sign up for. Ask your dermatologist. If side effects scare you, don't let them. There are side effects to life in general. The doctors won't allow you to cause damage to yourself.
  2. I cope by not ever leaving my bedroom. As insane as that sounds, I truly am a happy person! I even used an exclamation point! Only happy people use exclamation points!
  3. This site isn't helpful, if that's what you're asking. Nothing can help acne sufferers, though. They are cursed.
  4. Don't be surprised if the acne comes back after accutane. There is no cure for this skin disease.
  5. LOOOLLLL!! Considering im so much happier than I used to be. Yeah, job well done. Ehh, Justin, your such an easy target. Seriously man. I already baked your ass a few times before, and honestly, it's getting boring now. Do I REALLY need to do it again? Then again, I don't have to because you usually end up doing it to yourself which is the most amusing part I must add. Cya later Jackson **ahem**....I mean Justin. See what I mean.. For future reference, thatguy16, try not to over-comp
  6. Yes Sassy, all the social butterflies have severe acne and scarring. They're always just so happy to be alive. Heh. Denial is like crack to some people. I will say, though, denial is the only way 90% of people survive. If they actually faced the reality of their situation, they couldn't cope.
  7. The modern day leprosy tends to change personalities.
  8. I've had tons of acne on my upper and bottom lips. I must say, though, the look a woman gives you after going in for a kiss with this problem is classic.
  9. If your face is badly scarred, you are not going to be sociable. You'll never be the center of attention at any event unless people are picking on you. I know because my face is scarred. The only thing you can do is embrace that people don't like you.