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  1. sarah6ee88

    RetinA for Braille-face (little bumps)?

    Peachy: Thats cool ) Me and my b/f met over the internet atually...and after being friends for a while he invited me to nj for his prom and it was our first time meeting in person and we've been together since. Its great being friends because they care about ya more than just any b/f would and they look at you through the way you are and not the way your skin looks. What pills are you taking? Neutrogena does make an oil-free moisture with SPF15 but I dont like lotions with spf so i havent tried
  2. sarah6ee88

    Acne Improvement From Retin-A-micro

    Started retin-A-micro in Jan. 05' this is my progress!
  3. sarah6ee88

    RetinA for Braille-face (little bumps)?

    Peachy: Yes mine is long distance too..I'm from MA and he's from NJ but we've been best friends for over a year and together for almost 7 months ) What about you and your b/f? as for moisturizers, I would recommend neutrogena oil free moisture for combo skin. this moisturizer is very gentle and never made me breakout... I'm thinking about trying Curel frangrance free next since the Winter is coming up and I might need a heavier moisturizer to keep from flaking. Personally I think clinique is
  4. sarah6ee88

    RetinA for Braille-face (little bumps)?

    Graphite: you need to only use a pea size, if you use too much you'll burn your skin. What i do is ill take a pea size onto my index finger and dot it all over my face then rub it in until it covers the whole area then let it dry just like a lotion. takes some practice, once you figure itout it'll work like a charm. LESS IS MORE!
  5. sarah6ee88

    RetinA for Braille-face (little bumps)?

    OOOh before you do start using it I want you to know that less is deffintely more!!! the less you use the more results and i think i would give it more than a month...I'd say about 3 for full results. Aww thats sweet I get to see my b/f around the same time. Is it a long distance relationship or something?
  6. actually I found a list of most things that will clogg or irritate your skin check it out if you'd like ) http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/article6.htm
  7. sarah6ee88

    RetinA for Braille-face (little bumps)?

    I actually had those little bumps all over my forehead and ive been using retin-a-micro for almost a year and it made all of them go away completely. I really think you should give it a try... it takes a couple months for full results but i think its worth it. Though I have health insurance and its only $40...so it depends on how much you're willing to spend for clear skin i guess.. although one tube does last me at least a good 5 months... considering you only use a pea size at a time.. it will