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  1. I have been using about 3 days, If it hasn't broken me out yet, do you think it will?
  2. Just picked up some of this today - I kind of want to try something along with my regimen. (wash Cetaphil/apply Differin (night) or Benzamycin Pak (morning)/apply Bio-Oil in the evening) Will this break me out?
  3. I've read about using a 5:1 baking soda to water paste and then rinse off and also applying a 1:8 ACV to water to the face. Is this OK to do and does it actually work? Can it clog you up and break you out either?
  4. Well I tried last night - Didnt see any difference (I mean like there wasnt anything wrong after using both at the same time). I would put Bio-Oil on in the morning, but I have on Benzamycin Pak in the morning. Would it be safer to use in the morning or night? I know it can be used as a moisturizer too... so I dont think it could hurt, would it?
  5. Is the mandelic acid safe?
  6. Will all red marks go away? I heard if you go in the sun then they can get darker and never go away. Is this true?
  7. My derm only told me to get them from him... not an esthetician. Is it still OK to go to an esthetician for Glycolic peels?
  8. My red marks are similar to yours - I have tons of them! Is the MaMa lotion safe to use because the derm told me mandelic acid can cause dark brown marks that will never go away. This is really confusing to me because lots of people on here love Mandelic acid
  9. Can this product cause any permanent harm to your face? My major problem is red marks and I really need to find a good product.
  10. Can apple cider vinegar make it worse? I would like to try it but I don't want to make my skin irritated. Is it OK if I'm using my topicals (Benzamycin Pak in the morning, Differin at night) over this?
  11. I've been using the Cetaphil Daily Skin cleanser for about 2 months. I was wondering if the Gentle Skin Cleanser meant more for acne or something because I just saw it is a reccomended cleasner for the Clear Skin Regimen but the 'Daily' one isn't. Thanks
  12. I've been on take morning & night: Ammoxycillin wash morning & night: Cetaphil daily face wash morning apply: Benzamycin Pak night apply: Differin It has been about 7 weeks. I am afraid the Benzoyl peroxide in the Benzamycin Pak will make red marks stick around longer, which is one of my major problems. I desperately need to find a way to get rid of/fade red marks and to stop them from lasting so long (I Know theres not much I can do but I wish there was!)
  13. I'm currently on benzamycin pak (or benzaclin, same thing) in the morning and differin at night along with ammoxycilin 2x a day. I heard that the benzoyl peroxide (in benzamycin pak) can make red marks or scars last longer. I have two med-sized whiteheads that have now turned into regular pimples and I don't want the benzoyl peroxide to make the red marks last long once they're gone because they are noticeable. I have had success with neo spot treatment and it didn't make the pimple scar for me.