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  1. Hey guys, sorry to bring this thread up again but regarding your clindamyclin or wahtever, you guys have a roll-on stick right?? do you guys put it on very lightly on your face?? or do you ptu a decent amount on....??
  2. Hey all ive been recently using clindamyclin(prescribed roll-on for the skin...) and phisohex(just an anti-bacterial face wash) it has been clearing up my acne, but yes APPARENTLY where i apply the stuff is now sorta red (HOWEVER IT IS NOT RED ALL THE TIME, like right now its fine) which is wierd)... i have tanned skin so i dont really notice it , but my mum went overseas for a while, she came back and i had been using the treatments for a couple of days and when she came back she noticed my
  3. hey man that last pic, you got really rad hair, really straight how the #[email protected]# did u get it like that lol ?
  4. Hi I was just recently prescribed clindamyclin by my GP, and i was just wondering it says store below 20 degrees. So is it okay to keep it in the fridge? or is it too moist there??? just wonderin cause i normally dont use these types of medicines that require to store below a certain temp... thanks!!