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  1. I'm trying OC8 CONTROL GENIUS and it's working great for my oily skin....
  2. Because there's no topical that reduces oil, I think it's better trying to cover it? I'm trying a product called OC 8 GENIUS, with polymer that adsorbes oil....and it's working right well. It doesn't reduce oil but cover it.
  3. You can try a cream (or gel) with niacinamide. There's some studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of this substance for oily skin.
  4. ...and is it able to decrease sebum excretion? What's your experience about this?Thanks
  5. Sorry, but I had mild acne only around the mouth and very oily skin on the T-zone. Now I have no more acne and no more oily skin.
  6. I'm on 30 mg a week and I have no side! My blood test are perfect. This is my 6° month of terapy.
  7. When I'll stop with accutane, I'll try it! I hope it will work really...
  8. hi....but what kind of spironolactone: topical or sistemic???? Thanks
  9. Did anyone try topical spironolactone for oily skin?
  10. NeoCeuticals Clear Skin Solution NeoCeuticals Clear Skin Solution (International) Effective for people of all ages with mild to moderate acne. Specially formulated with 2% salicylic acid and NeoHydroxy Complex a unique blend of AHA ingredients (O-acetyl madelic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid). This solution has demonstrated effective results in treating acne papules, pustules and comedones. Continued use of this product may also benefit the daily exfoliation process. 2 oz. bottle.
  11. What is the best topical to control oily skin! And how can I adsorbe oil during all the day? Thanks
  12. When I was into my 31s, after a low dose course (10 mg die for 4 month), my skin remained dry for a long period, but after 2 years I felt in depression for a family problem and suddenly my oil come back again. I don't know why....
  13. I've been on a full course when I was 21. Now I'm 35. But This is not the second course, I've been on 4 low dose course before this last. I think I'll go on for another 3 month (total 7 month) and then I stop my course and I see what happen.