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  1. I bet that the original idea of banning it was thought of by someone who never suffered acne. Christ, nobody knows how f*cked up it is unless they went through it. For a lot of people accutane is the only medicine that helps. Sure it was a crap medicine to use, really felt bad whilest on it, and it can mess up your body quite badly, but i wouldn't be clear + happy today if it wasnt for the tane.
  2. It will get better! Everything that's coming out now at once, would have stayed there if it wasn't for the tane! keep the faith, best of luck!
  3. Been a while since I posted, but I have good news, because: Any zit that 'tries to get on my face' is gone within a day, and this only happens once every few weeks. Sounds like "normal face" no? So basically, tane has been great for me, I still have a few redmarks left, theyre gonna take alot of time to completely fade, but overall I've been clear after 4 months of tane, and I still am clear as of today. yay!
  4. Going good, been off for like 2 months myself, cleared me, but i STILL have redmarks left. nevertheless it's looking 10x better then before, and same goes for you
  5. I have had.. about 3 zits since i'm off tane, which is about 4 weeks. I can live with that, if it stays like that. been worried that i'd start to get it back again, but until now i am still doing well. felt a zit coming up on my cheek for the first time again, but it somehow never got to the pimple stage. noticing that my nose is getting less dry from the outside (nose was most/only oily part of my face), and no problems at all anymore on the inside (pain/bleed/dryness etc). Seems like redness i
  6. Can only tell you that, from personal experience, I have had about 5 cysts, never had them before tane, and got em 0-2.5 months into tane. I experienced it as if "it was a collection of years of bad stuff that had to come out by using tane" Am "" now, but at the time, it was REALLY awfull. still worth it tho.. good luck.
  7. All done, had a 21 week course, it seems. I'm clear, took my last 2 pills 2 days ago, and i hope it will stay like this..! gonna tan somewhat in a few weeks once my skin is recovered from the tane itself, and hoping to get that nasty redness away somewhat. But overall i look good, when going out you can't see ANYTHING, you just see the redness in daylight it's not even that bad.. well, i hope to stay clear, I'll post here if anything happens, other then staying clear. Good bye for now, and
  8. the first 4 months are the more hard to deal whit , but trust me you are on your way i really know u can fell frustrated sometimes , but please dont do not take higher levels of medication because could be a cause for a strong breakout imagine whit 20mg u get this , whit 40mg day u will get twice the same because your body and system need to asimilate the drug , that was acu do at the start , take them all to the outiside to better start find my log if you want to , im on the 2nd time o
  9. Week 19 - Day 2 Never had these many compliments on how I look, lol. Also hooking up with girls again, damn, how could i Not-do it cause of some shitty drug + slightly different look? Acne deletes lives it's true well, now even my redness is fading and im hardly getting new zits. maybe 3 in the last months. Very happy overall. could really enjoy holidays like this! Will post one more time on my last day, which is about 12 days from now. greetings!
  10. How did it go with the girl! nice log, keep us updated Big improvements should be coming your way now! good luck
  11. Yeah, I think you have to consider the weight of the person and length of the course as well though, but 40 isn't very high. I've been on the course for 5 months when im done (2 weeks) and i weigh around 135 lbs. I'll post here now and then when im off tane, but i have a good feeling about this. basically ive been clear for the last 2 months of the course so..!
  12. Thanks you two! week 18 day 1 Still the same, I guess..! have been forgetting to take pills a few times, had way too much to drink last night, and newyears night is coming up. Let's see if my skin can cope with this :S Happy new year everyone!
  13. congratulations I've heard more success stories like these, clearing up withing the first month. Most stories tell about clearing up in the 2nd or 3rd month, or even later, or not at all, so consider yourself lucky! happy newyear btw.
  14. Time flies Am happy for you to get off it soon. 3-4 weeks left here. merry x-mas to you!
  15. Week 17. Time flies. The cyst i was talking about is gone, and basically I am clear. As in no active acne, just redmarks. I have about 4 weeks worth of Tane left, maybe a bit less. Nothing to talk about with you guys, cause nothing odd is happening. Bought some blistex stick recently and I must say it owns. The cetomacrogrol (creme) i used for my lips was even better, maybe, but this stuff keeps me going as well, and it tastes good! haha. Happy holidays to everyone, and I'll keep you updated.