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  1. Wishful Thinker That is good news he did subsiscion before the stem cells. I bet he did needling too but you dont remember. lol. You will get awesome results based on the two other patients who got that same procedure! Good job! I am very happy for you. XX Heidi55
  2. Hi BRD Could you please PM me. I have the notes of my preocedure that I would like to discuss with you. My skin was not red after treatment as was the case with the two other patients on this board. In fact I could leave the house immediately after, no prob, except I was puffy. I stayed with a doctor friend after the treament and he even said there were no injection sites other than where the fat was inserted. So to answer your question there was no:" ( a ) needling, ( b ) subcision and ( c
  3. BRD He didnt do any of that. PM me as your message if full. Thanks for your help. H55
  4. Hey Scars4Life Perhaps you were joking around with icaretohelp, but you completely took the piss out of me in your posts. Does that make you feel good? I hope so. I hope I made your day. For your info, my treatment was good but now that the swelling went away it is not so good . As a result I have quit the job I love to search for treatment, which I NOW refuse to discuss here because I dont deserve negative feedback like yours. My everday is enough grief. Happy? I hope so. Ciao
  5. http://img232.imageshack.us/img232/1989/st...acnescarib9.jpg This is link I am talking about. IMO, these are deep ice picks, which i dont have. On my laptop I didnt see how severe these scars were. They looked like scattered pores. I am sorry I got that wrong. All I am saying is my scars, except the deep one from the injection, are lighter than this. Most look like pores and they havent been "erased." THat is all I am saying. They all remain but they all look better!!! But not one has been
  6. Hey Sorry but I have been working off my laptop and now I am at my home computer and I had a look at those photos again. I was wrong! : ( Those scars pretty deep, they didnt show up too well on my laptop. Those are deep ice picks, which i never had. Mine were lighter to begin with. I thought those were light scars but they are not! They are deep ice picks. As I said, I think this treatment will benefit people with lighter scars. Ice picks are a pain to treat as I have read and I dont thin
  7. Would you mind posting or describing what you would consider mild to light medium scars. I would say the photo of scars from the Chinese clinic that BRD posted at the beginning of this thread. the lighter ones, not the picture with the severe scarring.
  8. I would say the stem cell treament offered by Dr Khan will only work for mild to light-medium scars only IMO. Serious scars need other treatment. Sorry to say.
  9. Datura You have always been very kind in your posts. I am very grateful for your words of encouragement during the past year! It has meant a lot to me. XX Heidi
  10. Hi BRD Hope you are well. I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on a few things? I was wondering what you thought of a centrifuge with 13680G capability to separate stem cells and how that compares with the Cellution machine? Would that be comparable? Better? Worse? I was told the high speed destroys the large adipocytes type, leaving a higher number of adipose stem progenitor cells in pellet. Also, what do you think of fat transfer into the vascular bed of the muscle as just under the
  11. DONT DO IT! I had cosmoplast which is human collagen and does not require a TEST and had an allergic reaction. My scars were very light and now after two steriod injections to get of the reaction they are terrible. MUCH worse than before. I have been suicidal every day since. Go get some fat and stay away from fillers. Learn from me.
  12. OK so I had a long chat with Dr Chu yesterday and talked to him about PRP. I showed him this site and all the relevant web pages and I bookmarked them for him. He agreed PRP with dermaroller is an effective treatment. Now Londoners dont get your hopes up that he will offer it anytime soon because he wont be able to. I also showed him the stem cell thread and he said he will read it. He did say however he doesn’t know how the Chinese clinic would separate fibroblasts from stem cells in the
  13. The best story imo was the case of the girl from Australia who had dermal grafts. She was 100% better. Her name was princesspessa or something. Dermal grafts imo are great because the sample is taken from behind the ear and then IMMEDIATELY injected into the scars - none of this waiting around like with isolagen which some say makes the treament less effective.