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  1. I want to thank all of you for your kind support and advice. It really helps alot to know I'm not the only one struggling with this problem and it means alot to me that you would take the time to try to help me. I know that what is really important about a person is on the inside - but unfortunately when you have something obviously wrong with your appearance most people are not very interested to get to know you better. It is hard to feel that you can never make a good first impression. I wi
  2. Hi Poreman, I have very fair, white complexion. I have all types of scars - I have quite a few depressed scars - but the scars that bother me the most and are the hardest to treat are from disasterous excisions (4) that a doctor did on me that did not heal well. They left deep, ragged ugly surgical scars and you can even see all the stitch marks. I can' tell you how much psychological pain they have caused me. I am getting v-beam at a place in downtown Toronto called "Spamedica". Dr. Ke
  3. Thanks everyone, I have been going through such a severe depression that I have not felt up to posting. I also want to thank the two people that sent me a private message and I apologize for not replying. I have never felt so consistently sad for such a long period. I rarely go out in public. No matter how much I psyche myself not to care about the stares, I always come home really upset. Most people just glance at me a few (too many) times, but there are some people who actually stand and
  4. Hi Poreman, The scars he treated with 100% TCA scabbed for about 5 days - but remained quite red for a good two months (not weeks). That's why I'm hesitant to do it again. It looks just like you have pimples on your face. It did help the scars he treated, but I can't get too excited about it because my scarring is quite bad - and alot of the scars can't be treated by this method. I also have pigment problems from dermabrasions which makes the scars more noticeable. I am currently having V-
  5. Hello Poreman It's funny that Dr. Bargman told me he thought the smoothbeam was not very effective for acne scarring - maybe because my scarring is pretty severe he thought it would do me no good - but might help you. I just hope he isn't just after the $$$$! He actually called me the other day because I haven't been to see him for a few months and he wanted to know what kind of result I got (first time a derm has ever called me!). I did get a pretty good result - I had deep icepick scars
  6. I wonder if anyone can relate to my skin problems - they are REALLY BAD!!!! I've gotten to the point where I won't leave the house and am beginning to honestly feel that my life isn't worth living - I've been fighting acne since I was 11 - I am now 44 and I am still fighting and I'm so tired of it all..... I had severe cystic acne when in college - there was no accutane back then, so I have severe scarring as a result. I finally got accutane and it did clear my acne (I've been on it 4 times) but
  7. I live in Toronto too - I ordered Pure Minerals make-up from the shopping channel and like it very much. If you do a search for "mineral makeup", quite a few U.S. companies come up. Some deliver to Canada - but with the exchange rate and customs charges it is alot cheaper to order from the shopping channel. I wish we had as much selection as the people in the U.S. have!!!! The lady from pure minerals usually comes to Canada every 2 months or so and they usually offer a special deal - also, somet
  8. Eddy I know it is really hard to decide who to listen to - right now I am going to different dermatologists and plastic surgeons to get as many opinions as I can get. Some have suggested CO2 laser - others have said this could actually make me look worse! Since Dr. Bargman is a laser specialist I asked him about smoothbeam and he said he has tried it on a few people with acne scarring and has seen very little improvement so he didn't recommend it. But if you read some of the postings here
  9. Eddy I know exactly how you feel - I also had some scars excised and ended up with scars that looked worse than the original - I was devastated and it really affected my self esteem. Luckily I had a few dermabrasions done afterwards that helped quite a bit. Unfortunately now I have the pigmentation problems to bug me. I tell people I know how bad my scars make me feel but they always make light of it and say I make too much of it. People who have not experienced the psychological effects of
  10. Eddy I don't know where you live in Canada - but probably some local dermatologists in your area may know about this. The doctor I went to is Dr. Howard Bargman - he is the head of the laser department at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto (416-493-0606). He has only tried this on 4 or 5 patients so far, but he said he was impressed with the results reported in a medical article he read. He charged me $150 each time. Because of the redness, I can't really tell if there has been improvement yet -
  11. I am new to this forum - I live in Toronto, Canada and my doctor told me about this new treatment and asked if I wanted to try it and I decided to go ahead with it - but just on around 5 icepick scars on the side of my nose. He said he would do more if we get good results. I just went in for my second treatment after 1 month.He told me to apply polysporin ointment for 3 to 5 days - then scabs formed and fell off 4 or 5 days later - but the skin remained red - even after one month.I asked him