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  1. yeah it can. Hormonal imbalnces and the such may effect your acne as well. I think its differnt from person to person
  2. dude, you dont look ugly... i mean what is up with everyone... i think what people need to do is look your self in the mirror and say to your self, i am not ugly and keep repeating it until you have ridden the demons out of your mind. Trust me man, dont be over confident, but be confident. Your confidence will rub onto others. Even if you are ugly keep your head up high people will look twice, and that positive attitude will go to them as well. no need to bring your confidence down like t
  3. i think you can get a girl friend by the prom.. or if not, just a get a friend of yours (thats a girl) to go with you.. that way u dont miss the prom.. the prom is an experience for everyone to go to.. and then have an after party and get smashed, and yeah you get the point. but hoesnty i dont see why everyone complains about not having a girld firned and not.. who cares whats the big deal? theres a girl out there for every guy, everyone has a chance to get married and live a happy life.. u d
  4. acne with a vengance.. kind of like die hard.. mmm die hard with a vengeance, what a great movie.. i love bruce willis.
  5. i live in the city and ive never had severe acne... the opnly reason why im here is cuz i get pimples every now and then and was wondering if there was away to illiminiate my problem. i thik the air pollution clears my skin if anything.. haha. i haven;t seen to many kids with severe acne.. obviously the occasional one, as is common in most large cities.
  6. hmmm, that sucks. maybe if you leave the pimple farm alone it will run out nutrients and die off.. but seriously man, that doesn;t sound to good. just follow the regimen or something, im sure it will clear up.
  7. yeah i had that problem withthe mirror today.. i was out with my friends, i felt all good and thne i saw my face in the mirror.. it wasn;t that bad, i think it was the lighiting in the room/ angle of mirror made me feel down for a minute.. but then i said fuck that, i dont care looks aren;t everything and continued to enjoy my day
  8. naw i just say the truth... there like whats that, i simply reply with, it was a pimple you fucken idiot. and I proceed to kicking there ass.
  9. maybe God is a black man. what difference does it make? no one is forcing the belief of God on to you, or to belive that a God does exist. But dont say that we are are waisting our time. You dont have to go to church to believe in God, and you dont have to prey to him to believe in God. Dont be so closed minded about it. I choose to accept that there is a God ,however, I also choose to accept that God did not just snap his fingers and man came along.
  10. for all of you non god believers out there.. Will you go to heaven when you die?
  11. everyone wants to know what is growing out if your face.. heck i do it too (but then again i dont really have acne anymore) but ive stopped now and go for the direct eye contact.. it forces them too look you in the eye as well because you can catch them checking out your face thats when you give them a quick WHAT THE FCK mind your own business happyflowers suck!!!! but anyway all seriousness aside just ignore it, you really cant do anything.. or just make them aware that you know what they ar