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    um....obsessed with my skin lol, makeup, music (hardstyle, euro, house ) shopping, boys :), my car and my friends of course!
  1. i think i saw results within weeks. my face was much smoother. Then, after 2, 3 months, i stopped getting pimples (except an occasional one) try it out for a couple more weeks and wee what happens. best of luck!
  2. this looks interesting..i think i might try it out! is it only available online?
  3. hey there, I have been dealing with severe acne for over a year and it get especially bad last march. I blame this on the medicine I was put on and the makeup I used, but I dont think those were the only reasons. Anyway, I have tried proactive, various over the counter products, clindamycin, and bp. Nothing worked and I was begining to give up. Im a huge makeup addict and after looking through makeupalley. com, I found huge raves about Walgreens Alpha Hydroxy face cream 8% aha. I use this at
  4. color stay natural. I mix it with moisturizer when I want less coverage. Love this stuff nad it doesn't break me out
  5. So looks are the first thing everyone notices about a person. But personally I think someone's attitude and personality makes them more or less attractive. Example: a guy with little or no acne but is very shy or self concious is not nearly as attractive as a guy with moderate acne/scars who is outgoing, fun and a little bad I was often attracted to guys with acne because of the lifestyles they lead and what kind of person they were, not because of they way their skin looked. But don't get me
  6. I also think your skin looks clear! You really shouldn't worry about it and just open up
  7. damn i can do all the rest but that, i can never get the right shoes for what i wear.. lol that's still good and as for the shoes, I always notice them; i have a bit of a fetish...
  8. Aww, hon, fuck them! Those girls obviously have some issues themselves if they feel they have to make fun of others...especially that Barbie lol and don't worry, high school eventually ends. And as for your friends, they're asses!
  9. I don't know what all women want, but I know what I want.. I want a cute guy who is sensitive, caring, funny, takes good care of himself, has good style (think metrosexual), wears nice shoes (don't ask lol), has similar interests as me (music!!!), is intelligent, ambitious, goes to school, has a good job, nice car, doesn't treat women like crap, isn't a dog, doesn't cheat and gets along with my friends/family. That makes me sound so stuck up lol! and no, I haven't found a guy like that...
  10. I'm 17 too and reading your post made me realize something! About 3 years ago, I became a vegetarian and cut out all my meat and fish. I never had problems with my skin until last december, when I broke out a bit. Then in March of '05 I got sick and began eating meat again. I blame the initial breakout on the illness, but in the last couple of moths I broke out much more. Now I'm wondering, is it ony the medication that causes the brteakout? Maybe the fact that I am eating read meat again has af
  11. I'm 5'3 and love it. Most of my friends are taller than me but I have the advantage of wearing high heels and still being shorter than the guys! I think 5'3-5'6 is good for girls, unless she wants to model or something. Guys-5'11 and up is good I think
  12. Revlon Colorstay Natural foundation (just started, hopefully won't break me out) Almay blemish clearing concealer Cover girl concealer (under eyes) Physician's Formula Mineral bronzer (highly reccomend this!) Milani eye shadows and blushes L'oreal Voluminous mascara
  13. I heard a lot of people broke out while useing Studio Fix. I'm glad your skin clared up!
  14. I would also like to have this question answered. My doctor is going to put me on imuran soon so it will be good to know. I don't mean to pry, but maybe it's the illness that causes the breakout? I was diagnosed with an autoimmune illness and weeks before i got really sick, my skin broke out and has been like that ever since. I blame that brakeout on it and lately the prednisone that i'm taking.