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  1. Apparently, my dermatologist said I have clear skin, but "very mild/shallow scaring." He said over a long period of time, they should even out because, again, they're "very mild." The problem is, I don't think it's very mild. I feel that it's quite severe, actually. And I don't have a very long period of time to wait. Does anyone else have mild or shallow scaring? What have you done for it/what can I do about it? It's driving me crazy. I'm at the point where I've stopped wearing my c
  2. I've been off accutane for 6 months and I'm starting to break out very badly after being clear for a long, long time. I think it's because I started using a topical with a lot of fragrance. Anyway, I had an initial breakout during my first course in the 2nd week. Will I get another initial breakout during a 2nd course? Someone please answer!
  3. I finished accutane last week and until then, I was 100% clear. But fast forward about 7 days ahead, and I got 2 very small zits in the same spot on my left cheek. That doesn't bother me. But I got a large red splotch on my right cheek. When I touched it (when I washed and put moisturizer on) there was nothing there. But when I look in the mirror, I can see it. I also just took a hot shower, maybe it's just a heat thing? Hope I'm not overreacting. I thought most people didn't have brea
  4. That's really great! I remember after finishing accutane round 2 I asked my derm about my scarring and he just looked at me for a few seconds then walked out of the room. He came back 5-7 min later & told me I was going to have to learn to live with it. I went through a list of things to treat scars and he just kept saying no & that they were for superficial scarring.
  5. It's crazy...actually everyone is crazy! I got there and the first thing the nurse says is "Wow, your skin looks really good!" And I said "are you serious? I think it looks terrible." Then the derm sees me and says "Your skin looks really good." And I'm thinking, what's wrong with these people. I asked him about my scars too. He said I have scarring in 3 places (like small places), but they are very mild. He said, in fact, that they were the most mild case he's seen and they should "fill
  6. I haven't put BP on since November 10th or so, apparently. I also got my first zit since then as well, on my right cheek. God, it pisses me off so bad. How could it have been fine until today? That's just crazy. It looks small (but red), so hopefully it's gone when I wake up or by tomorrow. I shouldn't have another breakout 4 months into it. Jesus..
  7. You guys are forgetting that those pictures look much worse without the hours of make-up. So, something that seems pretty mild WITH A TON OF MAKE-UP, is and can be pretty moderate to severe. Jesus...
  8. The other article about her, which is located a few posts above yours...oddly enough, said that she goes through four hours of make-up when she's on the set. 4 hours of make up is plenty to hide blemishes and scars, even severe shit. And I have a friend or two who have been and are on tv, and apparently they make everyone who appears on camera wear at least a powder to get rid of the "shine." A lot of them DO wear make-up. So much so, that sometimes they put on so much make up that the per
  9. Thanks everyone for the replies. Yeah, I put some lotion on "it" last night and it's better. Still has some dry skin and a little redness. It does look a lot like the dry marks on my arm, so I'm sure it's from dryness and "irritation." I'm still going to make an appointment with the Doctor to get it checked out. Can't be too sure with my boys!
  10. But I'm in the middle of my 4th month of accutane right now. I was washing my face with Cetaphil and washing my body with Dove soap, and my skin was fine. I kept washing my face with Cetaphil, but switched to Cetaphil body wash and my skin was fine. But I switched to washing my body with Ivory soap about a week ago, and my arms have broken out in a really bad rash and my penis itches. Like, the shaft of my penis. I even had a little dry skin on it. My arms are really bad, to the point wher
  11. Think about it, are people going to go on the internet and praise something that helped them as much as someone who is going to bash a product? Websites like that are always going to be biased and skewed. I'm on month 4 with mild acne. I'm taking 60mg a day. As far as side-effects go, I've had NONE. Absolutely none. Chapped lips a bit, but that's minor and goes away with some chapstick. My skin isn't even that dry. I've also cleared up too. So do some research and be careful, but don't
  12. Ok honestly. I try to refrain from rude comments on this board, but this topic is absolutely retarded. Look at how big and close up this picture is, Jesus.
  13. It really makes me wonder how many people I know/see have taken accutane. I mentioned that I was on accutane to 4 of my friends and all 4 knew what it was.