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  1. I strongly!!!!!!! encourage you to contact the better business bureau What this company did is NOT legal and if they have some type of money back offer they need to stand by it. Is there anyway that you can get a copy of the old page before the changes were made to it? I suggest that you send this company and email or better yet a letter, stating that what they did was illegal and if they dont refund your money by (a specific date) that you will be reporting them to the better biz bureau. G
  2. Violeta, I for one am not suggesting that I think that if one were to become a vegan that it would be the cure for acne. Im sorry if my post came across as such. I was simply trying to say that when I did become a vegan that my skin looked better. Not cured, but it did look better. Im amazed that some of the things that people use on this board, they have found it to be helpful but I know that if I were to try their method that it would wreck havoc on my skin. Different things work for different
  3. Ok I didnt know which board to pick for this question so I thought this was the best choice My question is this - what is the best piece of advice you have gotten for your acne? Maybe it wasnt a total cure, but it was very helpful. Mine was this - Use an icecube on a pimple to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Yep just take an ice cube and hold it on the pimple until the icecube is melted. You can do this as many times a day as you want and it really does help to reduce the inflamatio
  4. A few years ago I went from a vegetarian to a vegan and I saw a very improvement in my skin. I cut out - dairy, cheese,processed white products (white flour and sugar), eggs, meat and seafood. Which left me able to eat veggis, fruit, beans, tofu products and whole grains. My body felt great and my skin got the best its ever looked since I started having acne. But the thing is that being a vegan is hard to do, I was only able to stick with it for 6 months. At that point I just missed
  5. I do realize that Retin A is suppose to be great for anti aging - but the only thing I found was that it dried out my skin, no peeling just made it super dry, and it made me look like crap most of the time. I have SUPER SUPER sensative skin and just about everything seems to dry me out, and not in a good way. The drier my skin gets the more I break out. I do not spend time in the sun, as I am slightly obsessed with staying young looking for as long as possible. Thanks for the suggestio
  6. Ok here goes on some of the symptoms you may find if you have a yeast infection: white, lumpy, gunky stuff in the vaginal area Itches Burning smells sorta nasty If you have never had one before you might want to go to your Gyno and get a test to see if you have one if you have these symptoms. Which might be hard because by the time you get an appt you might have gotten rid of it on its own. I did the AntiB thing for quite a while when I was younger, so I got yeast infections quite ofte
  7. WARNING IF YOUR A GUY YOU MAY NOT WANT TO READ THIS AS IT MAY GROOSE YOU OUT!! since im new to the board i thought i would throw out a bit of advice. I did some reading of the old posts and didnt see anything about this so I thought I would throw it out there. anyways some of you may know this but if your thinking about taking any type of anti-biotics for your acne and your a woman, the antiB will mess up your natural flora and fauna in your vaginal area. What that means is that you will a
  8. wow I had no idea that there was a generic version of accutane. I am buying my mine out of pocket since insurance is a pain in the ass. Yes its pricy but for me its worth the out of pocket expense lol its good to be making good money Thanks for the info kisses and hugs Trixie
  9. It could be one of two things happening - 1 yes it could be your inital breakout happening 2 you could be on too low of a dose of accutane and your body has gone into overdrive to produce more oil since its pissed off at the meds messing with the natural (or unnatural) production of oil. either way I would suggest that you be patient and talk to your derm next time you have a visit with him or her. good luck Kisses and hugs Trixie
  10. here are a few of the things that i have learned about how to take your accutane - Drink it with a glass of organic milk (regular milk is BAD for you and has lots of nasty hormone crap in it). if you dont want to drink milk then take it with an oil (pill form) such as evening primrose oil, cod liver oil or even linseed oil. If you are going to take your accutane with food try taking with a meal such as a salad that you use a olive oil salad dressing with. Colesterol is bad but ther
  11. At age 29 my acne is still with me and going strong ahhh maybe some day I will be a grown up and not have acne, im not holding my breath though. I have a girl-friend that I go to school with (yes Im in college) and she still has some acne at age 40. Sorry for the bummer answer I do think some people outgrow the acne but many dont. Kisses and hugs Trixie
  12. lol OK im just kidding I am a shaving freak and though I dont get ingrown hair on my legs I do get them on my bikini line. I have tried waxing, shaving and just about everything else you can think of. A few things I have found that help reduce the problem - scrub yourself down with a good exfoliant (you know the stuff with the little grains in it) do this EVERY day, I found waxing to be the best for my ingrow hairs as the hair does grow back as quickly, and a good shaving cream will help as w
  13. hello everyone and thank you to google for helping me find this place I have spent a few days reading and have learned some good stuff. Back ground info on me - 29 years of age female with mild (it doesnt feel mild) what some would call whiteheads (nasty little bumps all over my face) acne and cysts on various odd places but never on the face, ohhh and I have been lucky enough to have been dealing with acne since about age 13!! My question is this - due to the fact that I have tried just