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  1. If you dont want to read the blah blah..pls skip to the bold print question below. Cheers! Didnt want to mess up the pinned topic, or other dermaroller topics with this question, im sure the thread will disappear in time so wont mess up the forum too much ;p Hi Guys, After a lot of reading up on the dermaroller topics(been a long time since i was here!), I have decided to look into buying one. I have read people talking about a seller from Thailand, and as i am living in Thailand, it would
  2. Buahaha I missed out on being flamed? Didnt even get to see what it said. Ah well, nvm. Feel free to pm me the insult if you find it necessary. I think you will find dear shipinabottle, that I am curtious and helpful to people, but yes i speak my mind on occasion. At least i have the decency to do so without resorting to school kid name calling. Anyway, regarding hair-straightening: Had my very long (near waist length) curly hair straightened a couple of year ago. Personally I found it a bad
  3. Wynne responded in a nice way to an unbelievably freakin ambiguous question. Had to look at your profile to see if it gives indications as to where the heck you live. Dunno how people are supposed to know how much hair straightening costs in your area, especially seeing as you didnt indicate where you are based, and seeing as this is an international forum. For the record, I have no idea how much it cost to have your hair straightened in San Diego. Apologies for the rant, but hard not to, an
  4. sierralita, might be helpful more to the OP if you mention what type of scarring you mainly have. I have a feeling you had the co2 for atrophic scarring, right? My experiences of co2 were not so great, but i mainly have rolling scars. I had c02 about 6 year ago, which left me with some demarcation lines. (I also suspect it is what triggered a return of cystic acne after around 7 years of being acne free. ) The 'improvement' wasnt significant (initially looked ok after recovery due to swelling)
  5. If you do a search you will find a lot of post (mainly negative) regarding C02. Best to make sure that you are making the right decision on such an evasive procedure. Best of luck.
  6. Pff..


    Here is translation: He talks about dermaroller and that he has had six sessions spaced out over 2 months. pic1: before pic2: after 1 month pic3: after 2 month after picture 3 he says that although he still has scarring, he feels it is better now than before. Before last pic he basically says this is a recent pic. (doesnt mention having on any makeup, as you were wondering that. ) Then some links to other things he uses. Then he goes on to say he is considering Fraxel and if he goes for
  7. Pff..


    I can only speak a percentage of Thai, but not cannot yet read Thai script, or i would happily help with some translation. However, it does look that in the final pic he is wearing a little makeup. He also has fairly minimal scarring in my books. So i wouldnt say the final pic is that dramatic. From the front I too look as though i have no scarring. but from the side with certain lighting its blatantly obvious. Of course, in no way is that ment to discredit dermaroller, which seems to be an ok
  8. I agree that you dont really seem to have taken time to read up. Add to the list: Dermaroller Fraxel (Even key these into the search function).
  9. slightly off-topic but still relevant: Its interesting what you say about virus + auto immune disease Wynne. My thyroid problem is an auto immune disease and was apparently triggered by a nasty viral infection i had 2 months prior to my thyroid going bananas. The docs have said this is common in thyroid conditions. Viral infections can often somehow disturb the hypothalamus gland which in turn affects the pituitary gland which then affects the thyroid. A chain of reaction i had no idea could ha
  10. Good luck with the dermaroller lamar. May I humbly suggest posting your information on various different health forums (or creating a website - there are many free hosting sites - then posting the link), asking others for their opinion. May be a long shot, but if some info correlates (or better yet, someone is going through similar) then it may help you work out whats going on? If it is indeed a side effect of tane, then hopefully these effects will lessen over time. Btw its not 'weak' to f
  11. sad10, it sounds like you are taking desperate measures and i suggest you stop now! THe first thing you need to do is get informed. Take time to find out what kind of scars you have first. Either post some pics here or look at dans description of scarring, or check out other peoples pics of scars to compare. If you are still unsure, then ask a dermatologist (best if specialises in scarring. THEN find out what kinds of treatments are best on your kind of scaring. (note: often people have mixed
  12. Dramatically thickening or thinning..i personally dont know of anything, but im sure others do (although i dont think its such a good idea even professionally. But thats just my opinion). RetinA thins the epidermis (outer layer of skin) but thickens the dermis (underlying layer of skin). Copper Peptides also thickens the dermis. Hydroxy acids such as Glycolic and Salicylic Acid also thicken (although most people think they thin) Good article on acids and effects can be found at http://www.hom
  13. lamarr, with your grandfather being a doc has he not suggested you first have blood tests etc to find out if there is something wrong internally which is causing these effects? Or have you already gone down this avenue? Has lupus been ruled out? Are the scars permanent or some form of dermagraphia? It is good that you are seeing Dr.Chu as i am sure he will be able to offer some good advice. But overall i think it would be best to treat the scaring when fully aware of the cause as the scarring
  14. I am not sure what to suggest for improvement, BUT if the area DOES become permanently discoloured/lighter you could always have the area treated by a cosmetic tattoo artist. Of course, you would need to give the area time to heal and then time to fade...then evaluate. I suggest waiting at least six months post healing. If you have permanently lost pigment in the area then seek out a GOOD cosmetic tattooist at a beauty clinic.
  15. p.s: this is the SCAR forum.