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    I thought about the oily food thing too but I'm really careful to not let it get on my chin. Same with brushing my teeth and keeping my fingers away while eating. I'm fairly confident it is a hormonal thing for me.
  2. adi0597


    Question... I find when I eat oily foods and then wash my face I sometimes get acne.. this is due to the oils still inside my mouth coming out and getting into my pores?? Another cause might be these.. -Chewing on things -Having your fingers by your chin (eating food etc) -Drooling -Brushing your teeth and then drooling etc. more to come
  3. adi0597

    acne and food

    Carbs = acne
  4. adi0597

    Wash twice a day??? HELP!!

    Wash 3 times a day can cause extra irritation that could lead to a future outbreak. You need to try and find out why you are shiney. Too much moisteriser perhapes? Or are you using a moisteriser that does not mix well weith b.p? But i wouldn't recommend washing 3 times a day you will just strip you face of all it's goodness further drying it out.
  5. adi0597

    Cysts and exercise??

    Well... If you already have clogged pores.... when you sweat the sweat becomes trapped inside the pores to enlarge the acne. Pass that stage and keep on sweating you will have clear skin.
  6. Hey peoples.. I have school and work and I find that before work I am usually shiny faced... I am very tempted too wash it off and usually do... Do you think I should only wash twice instead of the afternoon wash???? Heres my washing times 6:15AM ish 4:00 PM Ish 9:00 PM Ish ----------- then the following day like 7:30 AM Ish Do you think this is too much???? Thanks
  7. Let me tell you... I have tried warm water on my face and I manage to still get a lot of dryness.... I switched over to hot water (on my hands) and ended up getting a better cleanse and face results... Try it sometimes if you have doubts.
  8. adi0597

    oily during the day, but normal at night?

    Take vitamin A + carotene, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Zinc, and multi.
  9. When Shaving ---------- Use a manual razor (Not electric) Change blades often Never let blade touch foreign surfaces Wash razor before every shave Lather face and razor and repeat process when shaving DONT USE SHAVING GEL - USE SOAP LATHER INSTEAD!!!!!!!! Finish off the process by using the morning or evening routine listed above
  10. I am writing you this today because I have suffered greatly with acne.... It has prevented me from doing things I would normally like to do... Here I have compiled some good info that I use for my own routine... Please feel free to comment. Vitamins needed -------------------- Zinc (Hormone Regulator) Vitamin A wt. Beta Carotene Vitamin B6 Bitamin E Multi-Vitamin Dan Kern's Regimen (I use) ------------------- Neutrogena Moisturizer Dan Kern's Face Bar Dan Kern's Benz Accessories ----------
  11. Don't exfoliate. Use Dan Kern's routine. If you shave.. Use a manual razor... Not electric.... Lather the blade and your face and when you shave periodically rinse your face with one hand and re-lather if still shaving that area... Wash your sheets every week.... Have two towels.... One for drying hands and one for face... put them on hangers so there not touching surfaces... Drink water.. And take vitamins + hormone regulators such as zinc.
  12. Whenever I use the AC I tend to get more acne compared to when I don't.... Does anyone else experience this???
  13. adi0597

    protein shakes and creatine

    Yes. Both Creatine (mono-not so much CEE), and protein shakes can increase acne.
  14. I'm a bodybuilder and I can say this.. Peanut butter actually increases testosterone. It also has high fat content and is comprised of oils. I eat a lot during the bulking season and I get the same.