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  1. I have these white spots under my eyes, just below the dark mark beneath the eyes, a bit to the right side of the right eye, and left of the left eye. When I feel them they feel pretty weak. Does anyone know what I have? They stand out a lot too and look pretty bad.
  2. Yes, I know. Derm put me on 3 refills, and I haven't even begun the first. So is cetaphil a good wash to clean the dry scalps off my face in the morning?
  3. Well first things first, derm gave me a prescription to get Retin-A 0.1%. Wore it everyday, in the night, along with dalacin in the morning (I put that on every few days or so). During the first week, nothing really happened. After a two weeks, my skin because very bumpy and my brown spots were turning red. My face was also a pretty bad sight, because since my acne was on my cheeks, I had red cheeks and another colour on the forehead. So in three weeks, my skin started breaking out acne just abo
  4. I used to have mild acne, blackheads on my cheeks and nose and a few zits here and there, and some brown spots. Now it's worse. My cheeks are pretty red. My blackheads haven't seemed to change at all. For people who have taken Retin-A and worked for you, did this start too?
  5. Well it used to be small brown/red spots and a few small pimples there and there, but now they've turned into a big size red spot...what's going on?
  6. Well those red marks look pretty severe...I don't think glycolic acid would work. I guess you can go back to the derm and ask what's best...he'd probably recommend you retin-a or some anti-biotic.
  7. I've been using 0.1% retin-a for about a week. IMO, it just flakes up the top of the skin removing everything. My brown marks seem to have decreased a little, and some turned red. So far, it's alright I guess.
  8. Meh, give it time...you're skin is awesome. Don't risk it with anything else unless you really, really, want to remove them. If so, glycolic acid or retin-a might do the trick.
  9. I have a few pimples, brown spots and many blackheads. Let me tell you...my skin is VERY flaky. My face also stings. The brown spots have seemed to turn red...I don't know if this is a good sign or a bad sign. I know many had bad results with it, some had good, but I'm going to give it a chance. The only improvement I see is that the few pimples I had have turned into red spots.
  10. And my face is VERY flaky. I'm on 0.1% (higher than normal). Is this a good sign, or a bad sign?
  11. I shaved against the grain (mistake) and got many acne bumps/bleeds. These usually go away after a few days, but they currently aren't. Right now they're just like red marks. Anything to do?
  12. I'm using queen mint julep facial scrub (similar to masque), and it works fine on blackheads when I wash it with warm water. Then two minutes later they reappear! What's going on? =(
  13. I think you're getting confused with hydroquinnone(sp?), a skin bleacher used in many AHA products. No proof that it causes cancer; and vice versa.