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  1. I have longer hair now, and it did not bleach my hair. I would have thought BP gel would have though.. but neither product bleaches hair in my experience
  2. Jojoba oil is the only way my skin is able to tolerate BP. Read my signature!
  3. Did not help me with my hyperpigmentation after 1 month usage. So I discontinued using AHA+ as the increased sun sensitivity was not a side effect I was willing to live with.
  4. Broke out the first few days of usage, then after that I was cool. I stopped using AHA+ though.
  5. Skin tone and smoothness - EFFECTIVE Older hyperpigmentation - NELIGIBLE Personal experience after 1 month of religious daily AHA+ use.
  6. It feels sticky. My face stuck to my pillow cover haha
  7. I'm in the same boat you're in. No, after using AHA+ for a month religiously every day I did not see a dramatic change on older hyperpigmentation. And I've had two TCA peels as well which did lighten up my marks a tad.
  8. i've been using AHA+ for about a month with no change in appearance of red marks. it does make your skin feel smoooooth though.
  9. Don't use Neutrogena Acne Wash...sucks... and if you want a cleanser that exfoliates AND has S.A. then use Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub (or wash.. forgot..)
  10. doesn't remove shine as well as it advertises.. BUT it definitely DOES NOT ADD SHINE unlike other moisterizers. That's why I've stuck with it
  11. I have been using neutrogena multivitamin treatment for about 3 weeks now.... i still have dark red marks... but my skin is so much smoother! looking closely in the mirror, it's less rough than before. also, i have been getting SIGNIFICANTLY less acne. i seriously would wake up every morning to find a new whitehead or like sometimes these would develop while im at school but now i'm down to like maybe two or three new pimples a WEEK. also... when i apply it to a forming pimple all the way to its
  12. been on this for three weeks now (nov 3) ..... first two weeks i broke out REALLY bad... it wasn't white heads.. they were pink bumps that turned purple/dark after a while.. i think they are called papules. or was it cystic acne? i'm not sure. anyway... i just finished my third week (nov 25) and my face is smooth and bump-free... still get a few around the cheeks... thanks blotcha!
  13. That makes sense... I took AP Psychology in my junior year of hs... we went over the basic things of hyponosis and the effects it has on suggestibility... but from what people on the forum have said about proactiv I was convinced it would work.. I ordered it last night and got the Rush Delivery (5-7 business days).. btw does Saturday count as a business day? For the people who have testified that Proactiv does not work... they usually contradict themselves and they lead me to believe they haven'