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  1. There's a 15% lotion in the States that I'm desperately trying to get my hands on... based on reviews I've read, it's supposed to be the utmost effective product out there. It's NeoStrata Lotion Plus and has an AHA of 15% - Unfortunately 10 is the highest legally allowed in Canada over the counter. None of th eonline pharmacies are able to ship this to me. I'll have to resort to eBay I guess...
  2. How do you guys go about doing this, as most webshops or online pharmacies will not ship many products to Canada and it's really frustrating!! I realize there are Canadian brand equivalents, but I am after very specific products and having an extremely difficult time finding them: - DDF Glycolic 10% Toning Complex - NeoStrata Lotion Plus AHA 15 - PCA SKIN Pigment Gel - Glytone Acne Gel - Glytone Exfoliating Body Wash I cannot seem to find a single online retailer or drugstore that stock
  3. I would like to purchase the following products online, but they do not ship outside of the US: - DDF Glycolic 10% Toning Complex - NeoStrata Lotion Plus AHA 15 - PCA SKIN Pigment Gel - Glytone Acne Gel - Glytone Exfoliating Body Wash I've been to every website from Amazon to Skinstore and several others and none of them will ship these products to addresses outside of the US. I don't want to order on eBay because I'll have to pay separate shipping charges from each seller and it will co
  4. Thanks and I realize... I used to wrap bandages around my arm to stop it and that worked and I was fine after many months of that. But now it's really looking bad and I'd like to speed the process up. What kind of peels are recommended? What about AHA? I've never tried it before but am desperate to find anything that could help quicken the recovery process! The sun helps a bit, but not enough... I'm gonna go down south by myself for a week soon to unqind and try to tan my arms and hope that help
  5. I really can't take this anymore... it's extremely embarassing and depressing. My arms are a total wreck! I have all these post-acne spots that are extremely red and some broken skin... plus lots of very tiny scarring that look like little white bumps everywhere (when they eventually fade that is!), only they are red and horrible right now!! I took accutane and was almost rid of them last year until it all came back and I'm a bad picker which made things much worse. I actually picked at my sca
  6. I went to a doctor yesterday to have some blemishes, redness and skin discolorations removed from my arms so that they would look clear and healthy for summertime. I'm on 40mg of Accutane daily and he told me that the laser that he would be using should have no effect whatsoever and be of no concern because it does not break the skin and can not cause any scarring or anything to worry about. He explained to me the different type of lasers that he had to use for such a procedure and which would
  7. Sun sensitivity is definitely stronger while on Accutane, I tend to develop heat rashes on my hands from being exposed to direct sunlight or extreme heat and humidity for even a few minutes in a day and need to apply hydrocortisone cream to my hands daily throughout the summer months, otherwise I'll have tiny red bumps on my hands. That said, I sun tanned yesterday on my balcony for 40 mins. (a mild day, sun was not too strong in the morning) and I burned my stomach and chest area and tanned fa
  8. Yes my derm is pretty liberal and it seems to agree just fine with my body. So my final question: since it's possible for the 'tane to be flushed from my body after 5 weeks... how long would it take to get back on course and clear up again? Would it take the typical 4 months as it normally does when starting anew, or would it be a quicker transgression since I'm resuming a course that I stopped? I could kill myself for not continuing with what I was doing... I don't know why I stopped when eve
  9. Thanks a lot and I think that it's a good idea to wait and see as you suggest. I was clear throughout the better part of my course and had one of the most rewarding years of my adult life as a result! I've been able to walk out of the house every morning for the past 7-8 months with absolute confidence and feeling great and that is the best feeling in the world! After several courses of accutane, I was familiar with the way my body reacts and so I knew that a longer course was needed and that I
  10. One last update... Since resuming accutane this weekend I've only taken three 40mg pills so far. My face is now back to being very dry as it was while on was on my course. I forget what it was like for me starting out though, and seem to remember the opposite: my face being extremely oily as everythign was purging and than my skin peeling off. This is not how I feel at all so I'm wondering if possibly I'm back on track and this past weekend's breakout was just a fluke? Why would I suddenly ha
  11. I've been on several courses of accutane already but this last one... I basically just stayed on it. I know it's not the healthiest thing to do, but I was on it for a very long time. Almost double a regular course. But as far as I'm concerned, accutane works differently for each person and should be perscribed individually. I don't think there's any one standard to follow as everyone's situations are different and everybody's bodies react differently. So with the exception of a couple of weeks
  12. Also to give some context, since the end of March I have not really needed to put anything on my lips. They were not at the stage that they had been in earlier in my course where they were peeling, etc. since I cut back on my dosage and stopped regularly taking the medicine. So since the month of April and for perhaps a couple of weeks prior, it seems clear to me that I have obviously not been under strong effects of accutane because I'm sure I would not have managed to get by without my lips p
  13. What I want to know, since nobody is responding to my posts, is whether resuming your course after a month will result in "starting all over again"? I'm at that point now I'm afraid. I stopped my course for about 5 weeks nearing the end of my treatment. I was essentially 100% clear all over and had been for months. I, like you, decided to play with my dosage by taking a little bit less, resorting to every other day instead of daily doses. I felt confident that my skin was great and I was clear
  14. I just finished a course (an extended one at that!) and decided that I no longer needed accutane. I've been off accutane for approx. 5 weeks now. I've taken maybe two-to-three 40mg pills within that time to maintain my clear skin. I stopped because after being clear for the longest time in my whole life (since October) I really thought I was finally cured. This past week I decided to take two more pills because I felt that my skin could be a bit more dry. By the weekend, I broke out horribly