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  1. hi, i use quene helena mint julep mask every day. i have very oily skin so i find it dries it out a bit. i rather my skin slightly drier than really oily! i always use moisturizer though just so my skin doesnt get too dry. i suppose it just depends on whether your skin can take it or not. some peoples skin may get very iritated from a mask everyday but some, like mine seems to be fine and acctually clearer from having a mask every day. hope this helps!
  2. hi, u seem like a really nice guy. i understand what u are going through with acne dysmorphia. although your acne is mild, you see it as being totally different to other people. i am the same. i have mild acne, slightly worse than what i see from your pic, but i think i have awful skin and tend to pick and look for pimples to squeeze. i have acctually scarred my skin through doing this. what we see if 100 times worse than what the rest of the world sees. Im sorry that some people dont understa
  3. hey thanx everyone. ive ordered some and im going to give it a go. i cant wait till it arrives. i think it might help me stop picking aswell because if i feel a lump on my skin i tend to pick at it but if this help bring the pimples down that will be great.!!! thanx again!
  4. thanx! i heard it helps with oily skin. i have oily skin and mild acne would you recomend i try it? where do u live? do you know if its available in the uk?
  5. does anyone use this? what exactly does it do and can you buy it in the uk? i was just wondering. please let me know! thanx
  6. ive heard a few people say they use this. what exactly does it do? and can you get it ion the uk? please let me know. thanx
  7. hi i have been on the clear skin regimen for nearly a year now. it has helped alot. before my forehead was covered in lots of bumps. some small but some nasty big ines aswell. my chin and cheeks never used to be a problem, but lately they have got worse. i know its only mild but every few days another couple of spots come up on my face. i wash my face twice a day and apply bp twice a day. i moisturise with an oil free moisturiser. what else can i do. i hate the fact i cant go a week without new
  8. yesterday was a good day.i had almost clear skin.\no active pimples justa few red marks and scars. wow was i happy!!! and my boyfriend came down so he got to see me looking ok for a change. it made me happy. today i had a new v s,mall one near my left eyebrow and a small one on my chin other than that noting. going to have some food now then going for a walk down the beach. cant wait.!!!
  9. nice to hear from you belle. im doing good today. everyone else from my house has gone home for the holidays but im worling so i was here alone after work tonight. i went for a walk down the beach then gave the house a good clean. keeping busy and away from mirrors is good for me! im feeling happy about my face the two on my cheek hav nearly gone the one on my forehead is fading fast and you cant see the one on my forehead. i have broken out on my chest a little though. a bit odd. ive been putti
  10. well i didnt end up going to the doctors. i decided to wait for my boyfriends support. he is going to come with me next week. as for my skin well its up and down. no new ones since yesterday. the ones on my cheek arent too bad. had a new one pop up on my forehead yest. its quite red but will hopefully go fast. i did pick a small one on my nose today. i had good news today. i got in contact with the new owners of my horse and they are having a good time with her and have said that im welcome to g
  11. its my day off today. i just woke up and looed in the mirror to find 2 new little white heads on my right cheek. the white top had top come out so i did squeeze them gently. i dont understand why they popped up. its not bothering me too much though because the rest of my face is quite good. im going to go into town in a bit to get a few things and go to the bank then going to the doctors to sort something out for my scars. i hope these two on my right cheek go down fast. going to splash them wi
  12. today has been a good day. no picking at all!!! thats great for me and my skin looks a lot better for it. and i feel a lot happier!! yeppie! i have two healing on my forehead none on chin or right cheek two very small ones on my left cheek. none of them are very very red just pinky looking. its been a good skin day today. going to the doctors 2mrw to ask about my scars. hope he can help me!
  13. yeppie!! dan's gel arrived in the post today! great stuff i can stop using the panoxyl. lets hope that helps my skin! i have one new one pop up on my nose onnly small though. a few small ones popped up on my right cheek too. im really confused why ive started getting spots here. i never used to! perhaps its because of the panoxyl i dont know. anyway ive got untill saturday to improve because that when ill se my boyfriend again! and this time i want to look nice for him! with clearer skin! im fee
  14. i had an awful night last night. i was very tired after work and to make it worse a lot of pimples had popped up on my face and i looked awful. i cried a lot trust me! i didnt want to go out for food with my boyfriend and his family today because of how i looked. i grin and beared it and i acctually quite enjoyed! still he has gone home now and im getting ready ti have a bath. i should be going back up to where i work tonight but im going to stay with my dad and brother and travel to work in the
  15. what does it involve? is it similar to a peel? i was also wondering how long after treatment is yous skin red or irritated if at all? do you have to have it done by a proffessional os can you do it yourself? i was just wondering because i have quite a few scars and would really love to get rid of them. thanx