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  1. my pimples are like before and are coming up in the same areas as before. My skin is not dry now, its normal. But no they look the same! Huge pimpels that take ages to heal! Im going crazy. The pimples as so huge they look like big love bites! It sounds funny, but they r nor ..
  2. Hello there, It has been one month since I finished my Accutane course (2 months 40mg, 2 moths 60mg, 2months 80mg), & I am still breaking out!!! Anyone had my same results? Oil didnt come back, but I still got pimples!! Last time I spoke to my derm he said that after summer I might have to make some Micro dermabrasion for the bumps under my skin, which every now & than get into pimples!! please help
  3. Hello there, I am a male with long hair & I am just about to finish my accutane course (currently on 80mg/day). I was thinking about hair straightening! do you think I can damage my hair because of accutane? let me know
  4. and the worst thing is that after I finish, I need to do some DERMABRASION treatments!!!! Sometimes I think this will never end!
  5. Hi there, I just finished finished my 4th month on tane (2 months on 40mg & 2 months on 60mg) Today I have my appointment with the derm. Till now, I got dry paches of skin (especially where I have pimples), dry lips obviously, some nose bleeds. No oil on skin, BUT I STILL BREAKOUT (Between 1-5 pimples every 2 weeks) In fact right now I am recovering from a tremendous breakout of 6 pimples!!!! Any comments about that, maybe some similar stories. When will this shit gonna end?!
  6. I just finished my 3rd month (2 months on 40mg, 1 month on 60mg). & I also still have white heads, pimples, cysts etc. Sometime is a good week, sometime is a bad week. Just like before, the only difference is that sometimes breakout are worst! I think these breakouts occur to help our skin clear our from the shit we have underneath!!! I hope I'm correct. good luck to you all
  7. Happy new year to you all, I did 2 months on 40mg/day & just finished the 3rd month on 60mg/day. But I still have breakouts regularly!!! Anyone have the same problem? any ideas? thanks
  8. I suppose this topic was posted many times!!! Im on the 3rd month, for the experts out there, any idea for the best moisturiser. I live in europe so some brands might not be imported. thanks
  9. I knew that it was one of the many side effects, I am just worried if it appeared too soon. thnaks
  10. In on my 7th week of accutane & this morning I just had a nosebleed. Usually I never have this problem. Is this normal while on tane?
  11. PATEL123, I am a bit worst than you right now, but last year I was at your level. Now I've been on Accutane for 7weeks & I regret that I didnt started earlier!! Go for it & good luck
  12. This is my 7th week on accutane & I noticed that after 4weeks I started loosing patience really quickly especially with my daughter! But now I realised, so I am trying to avoid these moods! When I start feeling a bit upset I just leave the room (even @ work) & stay a bit alone to calm down my nerves.
  13. I was think about dermabrasion after I finish accutane, because I got milia aswell & i read that this will help. Anyone did it? Is it worth it? thanks
  14. ME_23, I am just like you. I prefer the dirty shave look, and last time I used a blade (3/4weeks) it was a nightmare. I prefer the trimmer & I leave long beard aswell. But now I am abit worried to leave some beard maybe it will increase the chance of bacteria. But at least the beard will cover 65% of my face !!! hehe thats good On saturday i'll trim a bit, we'll see how it goes