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  1. i'm finishing up the last few weeks of claravis. still have the dry lips (which started within the first week) and dry skin all over with the exception of my face and scalp. those were sooooooo unbelievably oily!!! since starting this medicine the oil has dramatically decreased. i used to have to wash my hair daily because if i didn't it felt gross and looked oily and nasty. now i can wash like a normal person - every 2 days or so. i dont feel like i've lost any hair either. actually it s
  2. my 12 year old already has the makings of severe acne. shes on solodyn which doesnt help much. just talked to our derm's nurse and she said the doc would absolutely consider an accutane-type medication but she had to be on the pill. i think 12 is too young for the pill but i dont want her to suffer like i did. according to the nurse, we dont need to show them verification that shes on the pill. so how will he know if shes really on it or not? i had the same acne problems and took accutane
  3. oh i'm all too familiar with the "give it time" speech. its difficult to make sure she washes, puts on the topicals, and takes her meds without sounding nagging. i think trying dans regimine would help but she would be the one to have to take the initiative to actually do it. right now i dont think she would. i am finding out that these preteen years are going to be a roller coaster. our derm is great and one of 2 in our town that still prescribe accutane (claravis/amnesteen). i know we
  4. guys this just kills me. i have had terrible skin since ace 10. fought it my whole life. took accutane at age 20 and currently on claravis at age 38. my husband had bad back/facial acne as well that was cleared up with accutane. my daughter is 12 and is having terrible breakouts. lots of blackheads, whiteheads, small pus filled crud, and today i noticed a fairly large cyst looking redness right between her eyebrows. it makes my heart so incredibly sad that she is having to go through th
  5. how are they hounding you? i just started claravis a week ago. guessing i'll have the same goons hounding me when i'm done too. this whole ipledge thing is totally moronic and completely discriminatory. (shhhh don't tell but i'm not even taking bcp. husband had vasectomy 6 years ago and if i would get pregnant it would be an "immaculate conception".) but as far as doc and ipledge know oh yes sir i'm on the pill absolutely.
  6. that's what i have been thinking - how great it will be in just a couple months. wonder if this is just an adjustment period? maybe the fatigue and aches will go away or lessen as i continue taking the pills.
  7. started my second course of "accutane" (claravis) on december 1. took the real accutane 18 years ago and it was truly a miracle for me. had cystic acne for years prior to taking the drug. docs said get on the pill that will help........hahaha..........not. didnt help one bit, so after bitching and complaing to my derm he mentioned accutane. i jumped at the chance and it worked! fast forward 2 years.......got married, skin still clear. 3 years later had first child.....WHOA.....wtf is t
  8. good luck to you too. i know from past experience accutane works - for me it did. and i'm with ya on being fed up with antibiotics and topicals. i might take the weeks worth of sample pills and just do the topicals. then in 5 weeks when i go back get on the accutane.
  9. went to derm yesterday after being fed up with nothing working and deciding to do nothing for the past 3 years. he put me on a conventional course of treatment. said we'd try it for a couple months and if it didn't work i could do another course of accutane. (YAY!) he prescribed: solodyn pills and topical duac and ziana (one am one pm). my question is this: should i even bother taking the solodyn? i mean if i can do accutane again i'd rather do that. antibiotics clear me up only while i
  10. sort of the same here too. i started the pill in hopes that it would help my acne. no such luck. was on it for 3 years then started accutane. (this was when i was 20, i am 37 now.) the accutane was an absolute godsend. cleared up the acne and greatly diminished the oil production. got married a year later. about 2 years later got off the pill and had first child. during the pregnancy my skin was still clear but after it became a mess. got back on the pill for another 2 years and skin s
  11. 2 nights ago i was staring in the mirror at the 12 individual breakouts on my face. on the verge of tears, i remembered the neosporin thing discussed here. so i figured why not if i breakout more whats the difference. the only kind i had was the cream one with pain reliever so i tried it. i swear the next moring more than 1/2 of the zits were either gone or greatly diminished. i dont' know why but this did work for me. thanks for sharing your idea!!
  12. my husband had a cyst in the same place and it ended up being staph infection. the resistant kind, i think its MRSA. hurt him so bad he went to emergency room where they lanced it and drained it. had to stay in the hospital for a few days and would have to soak in a warm tub twice a day. had a huge gaping hole for a while but it healed quickly. but it caused him a lot of pain. don't be embarassed to show your doc. if it hurts now it might only get worse.
  13. how do i tell which kind of acne i have - i mean if its caused by hormones, fungus, etc.
  14. well looky that! the one bottle i picked up to see if it had an expiration date didn't have one but the other 2 did. oops!
  15. what is the shelf life of the regimen products? want to get the travel size kit but dont want it to go "bad", ya know? i started the regimen a little over a week ago and so far so good. still get extremely oily on forehead. other areas of my face are not exactly dry but definitely not oily. hope over time the forehead stops too. but might be a while since that seems to be where the majority of my breakouts are these days. right between the brows and even in and around them (whats up with