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  1. Hi,

    omg I just notices that you lived in my old neighborhood in Mississauga! I wish i could live near Burnhampthore Road so i could go to Square one :)



  2. see, heres the thing. My view on a higher power is that they can't possibly solve everything or else they'd be acccountable for everything. Like the holocaust. Honestly, you think having acne is bad????? what about terminal cancer and being a single parent? or living through the holocaust? my personal view is that if there is a higher power they are here to help us get through things not to magically make them better. if you think of it that way, you'll feel less like a victim. Its better t
  3. Christina, you friggin' ROCK! :D

  4. growing up my best friend had severe acne. She was on accutane in the late 80's early 90's when it was really really new and still a "trial medication". She was tormented by others but honestly? i never saw her as anything but my beautiful best friend in fact i often told her if she brought it up that i felt that her skin was no different than mine because thats the way i saw it. I had super mild acne and as far as i was concerned so did she. when you really care about someone you DO NOT see
  5. really good people try to sell their soul to the devil? No one is a good person, we all deserve much worse. i am sorry if this sounds mean, but i'm tired of people saying God abandoned them. God did not abandon you, you abandoned God because He didn't what you wanted him to do. i think you left your soapbox in your other pants
  6. YOU'RE STEALING MY SNARKY REMARKS! seriously tho. thats just awesome I said screw God and the Devil or whatever (i don't beleive in hell) a long time ago. i'm a buddist now. i'm much happier in that sense. of course i'm also mentally unstable, but buddha had nothing to do with that. genetics did. BAD GENES BAD GENES!
  7. absolutely, i'm a total control freak so if i'm not looking for non-existant pimples i'm checking to make sure every damn hair is in place. yes. i am aware this is neurotic.
  8. I know there is, i deal with the big bad stuff everyday. I still know how acne can still trump it all somedays, its a lack of control, its so visible like a big sign where normally people don't know how sick i am, the acne is an advertisement. i'm clear now but you can bet your ass i freak out over a pimple. Disco Stu don't advertise.
  9. it is depending on the person. If you had persistant mild acne into your 20's ya, its not as bad as cystic acne but it takes a toll on you over time and definetely causes stress and debilitating sense of self in many people.
  10. exactly! its all relative. It depends on the person, unless we're all robots programmed to respond with the appropriate emotion to every situation. its like theres no time table for grief or how to express grief. Why do some people not value the life of a beloved dog while others actually go in for grief counselling? why do some men/women remarry a year after the death of a spouse while others refuse to get over the loss for the rest of their lives? its all relative. Whats a small deal