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  1. You break out when you have late nights because your liver can't detoxify itself properly. Apparantly it detoxifys itself between midnight and 2 am, so u gotta go to sleep before that! This is what a holistic expert told me anyway, I don't know if you believe in that stuff! For me though, if I go to bed early and sleep 8 hours alot of my active spots have gone down in the morning, so it seems to be true
  2. Have been using freederm for a few weeks and at first it was ok, but now I seem to be getting more spots than i had before! ..don't know whether to persevere with it or not! Has anyone else had good results with it cos it's really annoying me now!! thanx
  3. mish mosh where do you get nicam gel from? the chemists?
  4. What is your regimen Mish Mosh? what neutrogena wash do you use and which moisturiser? I need a new one, mine is going wrong! have a bad breakout..arrgh!
  5. You can get a sample of the total effects moisturiser from www.olay.co.uk. Its really winky though! It only lasts like 2 weeks!! It's good though because it apparantly fights wrinkles too, yay!
  6. I dont post very often atall so I dont really know anyone, but I read the boards alot without posting myself. From what I've read, Mish Mosh is really nice. Also adam seems really sweet and always has something kind to say to people. Summerbay seems cool too!
  7. The one that works for me and helped clear me alot, was Yves St Laurent toning and cleansing water for face and eyes. Its expensive -£16 per bottle, but works well for me. It feels really mild, just like water - as the name suggests! but really deep cleanses your skin. You have to get it from YSL counters in department stores. I dont know about the ingredients and so on...but just thought I'd share what worked for me. Dont know if it would work for severe acne, but for my mild acne it was jus
  8. Hi y'all. I got a free sample of Oil of Olays new Total effects blemish care, and have been using it for the last 2 weeks, it's wicked. Well it works for me anyway..I am pretty much clear now but get alot of mild acne plus have some red marks. Anyhoo, it's really nice, not greasy atall, but your skin still feels moisturised. Try it if you see it about, but I cant find it any shops yet! My sample has nearly run out so hope I can get it from somewhere!
  9. Hey. You might all find this website really interesting. Its called www.aphroditewomenshealth.com. It has a really good discussion forum about contraception. I have put some posts up there about the pill and acne..hope it helps..
  10. hey mish mosh I keep hearing about this mineral make up..what exactly is it? and who makes it?..I use a normal liquid foundation..do you think i should use a powdery one? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question but I have just never seen it around the shops..thanks
  11. There are lots of reviews of dianette on this website, in the product ratings page under oral medication that you might like to read. It does clear your skin quite a bit, but it made me soooo teary and down! Try it, but just be careful that you dont turn into a moody cow!
  12. I am 5'7 didn't realise the average was 5'4 for girls, i'm pretty tall then! I like guys who quite a bit taller than me. 6 ft +. I would just feel funny dating someone who was alot shorter than me, because it would make me feel really big and clutzy lol
  13. Sorry but that's a pile of crap. I'm with a great guy and have always been in relationships..I have clear skin now, but when he met me I was covered in spots. He still loved me, and we're getting married. In previous relationships though, I put up with alot of shit from guys because of my acne. It's like I had no self confidence and thought I should be grateful to be loved in spite of my acne, so I would let guys treat me badly. So, no I dont think it's impossible to have a relationship with acn