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    im single, i go to del valle. i like hangin out with friends after school, go to football games, even tho our team freakin sux. I play baseball and tennis, and neither one of em ever get old, and neither do the sunburns. I also flippin love to play pool... Annnd i listin to rock music, alternitive, punk, metal....yeeea u get the idea. Thast preety much it, and if u wanna know anything else just ask me.
  1. When i was a freshmen (im a junior now) id think this exact same thing. Id pop pimples before i got into the shower, and when i got out it would appear as if the head on each zit was already back. The truth is that it really doesnt matter if u use hot water or cold. To me cold feels better on my skin, but thats just me.
  2. exactly...i know sombody here has used it before, come on now people.
  3. i recently bought some likas papaya soap off of ebay and ive been using it for about 5 days now. And i was wondering how long it took for your skin to begin to whiten
  4. im 16 now and ive had acne since i was eh...14 or so. I get acne from my dads side of the family, and he had his till he was around 18 or so. Id like to say that im beggining to outgrow it because i dont really get bad severe acne anymore. But i dont want to jynx things.
  5. yep...my left side is worse than my right. As a mater of fact..my right side is COMPLETELY clear as of now, but my left has around 5 or so pimples on it. Best i can figure it, the pores on my left side of my face are more oily than the pores on my right.
  6. Smurf

    tis me!

  7. not for you, your skin isnt severe enough.
  8. i finnaly found somthing that got me clear, AND took redness out of my face from all those other shit acne medications i tried in the past. Its two different medications but you put one of them on ur face in the morning, and one at night. They're called Rosac Cream, and the other is called Finacea, i never thought anything that i applied to face would ever work for me, but i finnaly found somthing. Has anybody else ever tried these?
  9. Could you use other medications while on accutane? Because i plan to go on tane when summer begins and id like to try to get some peels in while on the tane, would that be possible?
  10. Awww thanks! At first i thought that everybody got an awfull inital breakout, but alot of Accutane jornals ive read never mention it. Most of them only mention the dry skin and dry lips. Did you get an initial breakout TennesseeGrl? I was thinking that since i got about a month till schools out....and i got a 3 month summer, which adds up to 4 months. That would be more than enough time for the accutane to take its course right?
  11. Okay, well heres whats exactly going on. I went to a derm about a month ago and she perscribed minocycline for me, but since then i have switched derms, while remaining on the mino. I went to a new derm today and he suggested accutane for me. The mino is working, but since he never saw me before i went on it, he doesnt know that. Ive been doing lots of research on accutane and so far ive gotten this out of it. It gives you headaches, dry lips, dry skin, flaky skin, initial breakout, etc. It seem
  12. Well today i went to a new derm and the dude said he wanted to start me on accutane...only one problem... im taking minocyline right now. He says i cant take both and i have to pick one. Can anybody give me some feedback or advice here? It would be greatly appreciated.
  13. the mirrors in school are different from regular mirrors, the lighting is lots different. I cant stand looking in the mirror at school. It reveals every little redmark.
  14. I began minocycline about 1-1.5 months ago. About the same time i began using my own regimen of cetaphil soap and baking soda. And now my skin is lookin great. I have completly stopped getting acne on my chin (the only place that i used to get it) so im thrilled about that. The only problem is that now i get acne on my forehead, not horrible acne or anything. Its just weird that all the sudden my acne switched places on my face. I never used to get it anywhere except my chin. Any reasons why tha
  15. dude whats weird is that i began weight lifting like some kind of health freak for two years straight, i got preety buff too. Finnaly i just got lazy and quit weightlifting, then i started getting acne. Weird. I think that because i was too busy lifting weight that i didnt touch my face might be part of it.