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Picture Comments posted by tried_everything

  1. Listen your not alone my face looks just like yours and it really really sucks ass! theres no other way to put it. I just started a new job and it really sucks never being able to go out in the light without pounds of makeup. People like us need to stick together b/c ACNE the most evil culprit ever! can really ruin someones self esteem. Lets not give up hopefully we can find a cure good luck to you! and me..

    I agree with you too! My skin is just like both of you and I tried the holistic thing it did take a long time to work though and I stop the diet and got these nasty things on my face. It makes me feel ulgy and I am trying the acne free thing too to see if I get any results :D Let's see what happens. What are you doing for your holistic diet?

  2. where do you get the make-up at like nordstroms?I have pigment dark spots to cover.Right now I use bobbi brown make stick in honey. :D

    Hello pretty lady, I get my makeup at Macy's or Norstroms. I always go to the counter that is offering a gift. Lol. I use to have dark spots too for those I would conceal the spots with a stick and then put the foundation on followed by Bare Minerals Mineral Veil. The poweder makes your skin glow.

    Then if you really want your face to glow for those days that you go to the club you ad a hint of gold powder from Smashbox or Silver cream from Estee lauder on your cheeckbones and below the eyebrow line. It truly gives the effect that you have a healthy glow just dont go overboard cause then you will cause the effect of oily skin. Let me know if you need me to post a demonstration for you! Lots of hugs.


  3. ooh let me know! my skin looked so much like yours before accutane but it feels like it's coming back now....im really curious about this whole thing..good luck!!!! sending you lots of love and support

    Awww thank you so much!! I wanted to try accutane too but my BF's mom told me that her friend's little girl was born with a whole in her heart because of the tane. Then my BF was on occutane (see his face it is wonderful but he gets ocassional breakouts like you too) and he went blind for 4 hours. I will post new pics next saturday so we can all see the results! :D

  4. Yes go to a derm .... You will love it! I have cystic acne just like yours. I know how it feels. But our bodies cannot fight this battle alone. It needs Aid!! I am on Benzaclin for now and nicomide (Reduces inflamation). My Dermo said that if that does not work he will put me on Accutane.

  5. it's hard to see with the lighting of your pictures, but it seems like you've improved a lot!!! you are a beautiful, beautiful girl!!!

    I think you have made great progress. I was on retin A micro too. It made my skin hideous and also left some scars. I am still breaking out. I noticed that when I stop putting retin a for a day or too and then put it back on I break out really bad again. Do you have that problem?

  6. Doxy has worked for me girl but it will take time also it can lead to some side effects. I just went off it an i been getting really sick lately and bloated. If this does not work foryou go for accutane. I wish I had. I scarred b/cause I had inflamatory acne like yours.

    i like Doxy it help me out after a 3 month period along with Benzaclin. I am on Retin A micro and ia m starting to like the results after 3 months of hell.

  7. Hey those look like rolling scars your dermo can take care of those! So you dont need to be feeling that bad for long ;) I have scars myself . I am using retin a micro. If your dermo wants to put you on this stuff i dont recommend it if you want to see results a.s.a.p. But I do know that Rent A can help the scars the only down side is that it will make you break out! Something that you would most definitely want to avoid.

    I also know that there is more solutions coming for people like you and I. Apart from what we have now in a few years technology will be much more advance. This applys if you are afraid of needles or the laser surgery that will be required.

  8. Hey you are not ugly . I can see you have very nice features. The Tane should clear you out. I am exited for you. Then you can worry about the scars like Adam said you can use the punch methods to get rid of the scars you have now. So dont worry this is the begging to a clearer you! Hang in there.

  9. It's really hard to tell with you, I felt day 17 was looking really good.. I just know from experience whiteheads (and blackheads) take forever to clear up. I'm ten weeks into the regimen. I've noticed a reduction in zits/active acne so now I'm just left with mainly red marks but my blackheads still reign supreme. I used to get bad whiteheads on my chin, and I still do but they have cleared up some (but I have also added vinegar into the regimen, and exfoliation).

    I can't believe you never dry up. I have oily skin too, and it dried up in an instant even with tons of moisturizer.

    Have you tried going to a dermotologist? Hey one word of advice PLEASE DO NOT TRY MURAD!!!! it killed my face. I am still trying to clear them out and it has been 2 years.

  10. Hey girlie,

    I have similer acne like yours and my self confidence has gone down so much. Like you I avoid seeing my bf when my acne gets worse and I cannot walk outside to the kitchen without my makeup. You shuold definitely try ortho tri cyclen it helps so much with the acne. If you go to your dermo ask him about nicomide. It works on the inflamation it use to work for me when I was on doryx and nicomide. Both seem to work like a miracle but sometimes you can go without the doryx and just be on nicomide.

    I use cetaphil soap too. I read on the acne cure book that if we go on a diet of salmon and blueberrys it helps the skin get better because this types of foods avoid inflamation. I have noticed that when I eat corn, hot foods, sphagetti sauce, and yogurt my skin gets horrid. Are this foods in your diet? I read on the acne cure that the foods I just mentioned badly inflame the skin as welll.