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  1. tried_everything


    I love how your skin looks it's glowing!
  2. tried_everything

    frontal 8/20/02

    I agree with you too! My skin is just like both of you and I tried the holistic thing it did take a long time to work though and I stop the diet and got these nasty things on my face. It makes me feel ulgy and I am trying the acne free thing too to see if I get any results Let's see what happens. What are you doing for your holistic diet?
  3. Hey You! Don't let these thoughts end your life. I know how it feels to be young and have all those bumps in your face. Hell I wanted to kill myself too. I tried proactive, Benzaclin, you name it except for Accutane. But I am trying Holistic Medicine. I though hey maybe this will work perhaps it is not about what you put in but it is about what you leave out. Check my profile and see if it works and if it works for me it is bound to work for you too! We all support you here. Try going to the Der
  4. tried_everything

    Side View 02

    Hello pretty lady, I get my makeup at Macy's or Norstroms. I always go to the counter that is offering a gift. Lol. I use to have dark spots too for those I would conceal the spots with a stick and then put the foundation on followed by Bare Minerals Mineral Veil. The poweder makes your skin glow. Then if you really want your face to glow for those days that you go to the club you ad a hint of gold powder from Smashbox or Silver cream from Estee lauder on your cheeckbones and below the eyebr
  5. tried_everything

    Side View 02

    Awww thank you so much!! I wanted to try accutane too but my BF's mom told me that her friend's little girl was born with a whole in her heart because of the tane. Then my BF was on occutane (see his face it is wonderful but he gets ocassional breakouts like you too) and he went blind for 4 hours. I will post new pics next saturday so we can all see the results!
  6. I did not know what was causing my acne until I went to a holistic Dr. At the time I was always eating cereal, pastas, Chicken Parmagan, asian food, instant noodles, eggs, bread, and corn. The acne only seem to get worse and worse and worse! I went to her and she told me that I was allergic to all of those foods so now I have to only eat veggies (no corn), fruits, and meats. The only type of bread and tortillas that I eat are spelt bread and brown rice bread. I also make my own cakes made out o
  7. tried_everything


    You are really pretty. Those scars will disapate in no time you will see.
  8. Soy milk is a good alternative but some people are allergic to Soy milk as well. Another alternative is Almond and Rice Milk. They actually taste good belive it or not. Also most people are allergic to eggs and corn.
  9. From the album: Holistic Medicine

    Now ladies, if you want a makeup that conceals and makes your skin look fabulous TEINT IDOLE ULTRA by LANCOME is the way to go. P.S. Did I mention I also wear braces and I am 26! Lol
  10. tried_everything

    Holistic Medicine

    Holistic Diet
  11. tried_everything

    Side View 02

    From the album: Holistic Medicine

    Here is the other side. This side was not scarred until a Doctor introduced me to RETIN-A MICRO. It was the worst decision I ever complied with. It was the cause of all the scarring I have today. Lets see if this holistic stuff works. I hope it does because this scarring and re scarring on top of scarring really ruins my self esteem
  12. tried_everything

    Side View 01

    From the album: Holistic Medicine

    As you can see I scared really bad. I tried BenzaClin and the antibiotics but the acne would come back when the products where no longer introduced to my skin.
  13. tried_everything

    Front View

    From the album: Holistic Medicine

    Hello, My name is Elizabeth but you can call me Eli. Like my name says I have tried everything except for Holistic Medicine. I went to a holistic Dr. and she told me that the cause of my acne was my reaction to Allergy foods. Apparently I am allergic to the following: Soy Eggs Corn Wheat I cannot eat anything with these ingredients. Not even Salad dressing!!! I seriously have to make most of my things at home. I normally shop at Trader Joes, Mothers, and Henrys now because they have fo
  14. Yes go to a derm .... You will love it! I have cystic acne just like yours. I know how it feels. But our bodies cannot fight this battle alone. It needs Aid!! I am on Benzaclin for now and nicomide (Reduces inflamation). My Dermo said that if that does not work he will put me on Accutane.
  15. There is this treatment called laser surgery offered by Celebrea. I went to them and they told me it would be 2700 to get rid of my scars and mine are way deeper than yours
  16. tried_everything

    No more redness

    Wow great improvement. I am so happy for you!
  17. I think you have made great progress. I was on retin A micro too. It made my skin hideous and also left some scars. I am still breaking out. I noticed that when I stop putting retin a for a day or too and then put it back on I break out really bad again. Do you have that problem?
  18. Wow. your face looks great I am so happy for you:D
  19. tried_everything


    Hey what did your derm put on your scars? What is the name of the method?
  20. tried_everything

    Week 2

    Doxy has worked for me girl but it will take time also it can lead to some side effects. I just went off it an i been getting really sick lately and bloated. If this does not work foryou go for accutane. I wish I had. I scarred b/cause I had inflamatory acne like yours. i like Doxy it help me out after a 3 month period along with Benzaclin. I am on Retin A micro and ia m starting to like the results after 3 months of hell.
  21. tried_everything

    AHHHHHH My lip!

    Yeah me too when I drink Coffee I brake out more!
  22. tried_everything


    Hey those look like rolling scars your dermo can take care of those! So you dont need to be feeling that bad for long I have scars myself . I am using retin a micro. If your dermo wants to put you on this stuff i dont recommend it if you want to see results a.s.a.p. But I do know that Rent A can help the scars the only down side is that it will make you break out! Something that you would most definitely want to avoid. I also know that there is more solutions coming for people like you and
  23. I cant see the scars so your so lucky . you have a great smile and from the pics you seem to be really funny and goofy.
  24. Yeah Adam you are gorgeous those scars really dont matter. I bet all the girls dig you. So go get them!