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  1. tried_everything

    i want to die

    Hey You! Don't let these thoughts end your life. I know how it feels to be young and have all those bumps in your face. Hell I wanted to kill myself too. I tried proactive, Benzaclin, you name it except for Accutane. But I am trying Holistic Medicine. I though hey maybe this will work perhaps it is not about what you put in but it is about what you leave out. Check my profile and see if it works and if it works for me it is bound to work for you too! We all support you here. Try going to the Der
  2. tried_everything

    When did you realise?

    I did not know what was causing my acne until I went to a holistic Dr. At the time I was always eating cereal, pastas, Chicken Parmagan, asian food, instant noodles, eggs, bread, and corn. The acne only seem to get worse and worse and worse! I went to her and she told me that I was allergic to all of those foods so now I have to only eat veggies (no corn), fruits, and meats. The only type of bread and tortillas that I eat are spelt bread and brown rice bread. I also make my own cakes made out o
  3. tried_everything

    what's a milk subsitute that i could drink?

    Soy milk is a good alternative but some people are allergic to Soy milk as well. Another alternative is Almond and Rice Milk. They actually taste good belive it or not. Also most people are allergic to eggs and corn.
  4. tried_everything

    Holistic Medicine

    Holistic Diet
  5. tried_everything


  6. tried_everything

    Should I come off Minocycline?

    My dermo got me on this pill it is called nicomide it is not an antibiotic and I noticed that when I missed my nicomide pill the pimples will stay and when I took the nicomide pill the pimples would stay at bay. Right now I am on Doryx alone it is part of the tri-cycline family and it makes me feel sick. I am going to try to get on nicomide as well. Cause new studies show that people like us are missing zinc. Nicomide provides the zinc . I saw it work wonders on my skin is also cheap compare to