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  1. I've FINALLY managed to get BP on perscription and I've been put on this stuff called Panoxyl Aquagel 2.5. Up until last summer, I used to use Brevoxyl 4.0 ('til I simply couldn't afford to buy the stuff anymore) and it worked really, really well. Anyway, I loved the idea that I'd be using a BP-based gel - and one at at the recommended 2.5% concentrate - and I just used it on my face about 10 minutes ago. I'm not familiar with how the gel enters the pores. With the cream, I used to have
  2. Sorry to tell you.. but you'll have to stick through that 'til your eyebrow lashes naturally fall out and more regrow, which will take about two or so Months, I think. Just keep trying to avoid them and if anyone asks about your eyebrows, either tell them the truth (that they were accidently bleached) or the sun does funny things to them (like I've been doing ). Luckily for me... my hair's brown but the red I used in it a year ago is starting to come through again in certain patches, and the f
  3. The only problem with the Brevoxyl was that it was a little overdrying, but I'd much rather be a little drier than greasy. As for using less.. well, I pretty much used as much I usually use. One fingers worth on the top half and fingers worth on the bottom, so I'm really confused. :-k I guess I'll stick with the 4%. Thanks for your help.
  4. I bought two tubes today.. I've been using Brevoxyl (4% BP) for almost 8 weeks now (minus a few days that I've skipped #-o), but I thought I'd go for 2.5% to see if that'd do a better job and dry my skin less. Wow, has this stuff really dried it less.. infact, it's greased it up to hell. How do can I prevent this or at least cure the greasiness it creates? Also, when I was applying it to the upper then lower sections of my face, it seemed as though it simply wasn't being absorbed that muc
  5. Welcome to my world. You'll have to avoid your eyebrows altogether. Any little bits of BP that fall into your eyebrow should be scraped away with a clean fingernail (I always make sure my little fingers don't have BP on them so they're free to use).. just wipe that little excess BP onto the bottom of your face (assuming you use BP on the lower half, too) and then you can do the same thing over again if any more manages to find its way to your eyebrows.
  6. I tried this today by accident. I didn't apply BP in the morning because I thought I was going out.. but that was cancelled, and I'd already put the moisturizer and cleaned my face a few hours beforehand, so I just decided that I'd apply the BP without going through the process again. My skin was less flakey, less red and the skin that did flake off balled up with the moisturizer and came off pretty damn easily thanks to the moisture. I'll be doing it this way from now, I think. :-k
  7. Aha.. I think I know why it's really overdrying my skin. The BP I'm using contains alcohol (Cetyl alcohol, to be exact), so I'd imagine it's drying my skin along with the face cleanser. I'll buy some Oxy On-The-Spot 2.5% tomorrow. From what I've read on the board here, it makes the skin a little 'greasy,' so maybe that'll even help to balance things out and even irritate my skin less seeing as how it's been trying to adjust to the more overdrying 4.0% solution.
  8. Sorry for topping this, but I have another dilemma... Over a period of five days now, the BP is beginning to burn my skin slightly and it flakes a lot.. but the redness is a little out of control today. I'm a naturally pale person, so for the past few days, it's looked as though I've just had a healthy colour in my face, which is okay I guess (so long as I avoid the rain - which is hard, because I live Ireland, the true capital of downpours in the summer). BUT.. the moisturizer I'm using,
  9. I guess I should count myself to be extremely lucky. I've never been called ugly because of my acne before (even though it isn't that bad, but it's been consistent for over 5 years). BUT, I once had a group of kids that live in my street ask me about my acne. One of them asked, "What are those on your face?" and I just replied, "They're spots." "Do they hurt?" "Not really.. You'll probably get them by the time you're a teenager, too." That pretty much killed off any questions and staring
  10. Hey. I found this site around a few months ago and I've only just recently decided to try the regimen out... mainly because I've only just found where to find Benzoyl Peroxide after weeks of searching the stuff. I'm using 4% Benzoyl Peroxide (it's called Brevoxyl) and it seems to be doing me fine and well. I've only been using it for three days. On the first day, I used half a fingers worth for my entire face, gently worked it into the skin after waiting 10-15 minutes from washing my face wit