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  1. hahahha i know. that's true too. i don't want to die from acne after all. this could be like more dangerous than accutane or something hahah. i understand!
  2. oh ok. i guess i'll do that then. and suffer! hahah. i wish there was some other way! maybe i'll look into something else.. thanks !
  3. hahah well i probably am being young, naive and stupid. but when i look at my face in the mirror, i would do almost anything to have that fresh summer skin, you know? thanks for the advice! do you have any reccomendations as far as lights go? hahah
  4. well i know this is true. i have naturally tan skin whcih doesn't mean i'm not afraid of skin cancer, but i am much more partial to the sun than afraid of it. I believe the sun has different effects on people's skin, and for me personally i cannot stop breaking out wtihout it. i've had bad acne for 4 years and the sun is the only thing that has worked. even two courses of accutane failed! so is it the UVA/UVB? or a bluelight? or what! hahahah. there's all these kind of lamps and i don't know wha
  5. I was looking into buying a sunlamp. seeing that the only time of the year i have clear skin is in the summer, when i'm always out in the sun. now that it's fall and i'm not in the sun, i wanted to look into sunlamps, so my face would stop breaking out. but there's so many different kinds! some emit UVA and UVB rays, and some emit a Blulight that is supposed to help acne. so how does the sun help my acne??? is it the UVA/UVB rays? or should i invest in the Blulight sunlamp?? thanks
  6. So being that i live in seattle. i only get a few months of good sun a year, in which time, my acne completely dissapears! its so nice.. ahhah. but now. winter comes yo. and my acne has returned D:<. anyways i saw this product http://www.truesun.com/search.php?nobox=&a...price=&pg=1 and i don't know, but i think it might be worh a shot in helping people in my same situation. any advice or suggestions! thanks! =)=)=)=)
  7. i don't really think i have a deficiency. i think my skin has the habit to produce acne and the sun kind of fights it back and stops it? but now with no sun there's nothing fighting it and its breaking out all it wants! is tanning beds the only option to try??
  8. hey everybody. i've had acne for four years now. i've been on two courses of accutane! hahah. well anyways. i got off my second course of accutane in june, right when the summer starts and the sun comes out here in seattle. the ENTIRE summer i had super clear skin, because i would always be in the sun and it would help my skin! some times i wouldn't go in the sun for like a week or two and i would get mild pimples though. ANYWAYS. now that the winter is coming, the sun is gone again and my acne
  9. i've been off accutane for about 3 months now , and my acne has just started coming back anyways, i was just wondering what my next step is??? how many of you have been on accutane twice ? and for how many of you has it actaully worked after the 2nd dose?? lol thank you for the responses
  10. i have been off accutane for one month tomorrow now, and my acne is coming back. i have at least 5 active pimples right now, compared to the 0 pimples i had during my complete course of accutane. my skin was completely clear the ENTIRE course, but now just one month after, i think they're all coming back. =[ i am currently not using a topical. does anyone have any advice for me??? is this like the "after-breakout" after your body adjusts to getting back to normal? or does that not exist lol. ple
  11. sheesh, i wish i was that lucky to not have to moisturize. i dont see why you would need to moisturize if your skin isnt dry but im not sure! i also have a question about this. im on accutane, and im using olay daily moisturizer with spf 15. i moisturize heavily around my lips, but when i come home that area is SO dried out and cracked. my skin feels very tight around there and it looks disgusting. does anyone know what i should be doing? its very embarrasing!
  12. all right. thank you that makes me feel alot better lol. ill just do my best to stay off the ground lol thanks
  13. oh dear. lol, well i dont know what to do then..
  14. I just started accutane a week ago, and my face is pretty broken out i'd say.. now my wrestling coach wants me to start wrestling before the season begins, which im not sure about because i dont want it to aggrivate my acne too much. what to do what to do! how much does exersizing effect acne?
  15. lol ok if you are i guess i may as well too.. he was really clear to keep using the tazorac and i guess if other people are still using topicals I WILL TOO,.,, lol when do you start school? i start in 3 weeks so hopefully the initial breakout will be done by then but i doubt it lol mm i dunno about the exact time since i kinda would rather not think about it, but my first day is sept 5. is that in 3 weeks? i dunno =P i was gonna post this as a topic, but seeing as it's kinda a stupid quest