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  1. wow dreame, as i was reading your post i almost thought i was reading one of my posts. i feel EXACTLY the same way you do. i know i got it in all the right places, but obviously our faces are what people always look at...for the most part i cried myself to sleep last night because i've been battling this for over 10 years. it sucks knowing that people refer to me as "the girl with the pimples." what the hell, ya know? it's so disrespectful, but people who don't suffer from it just don't under
  2. goodfellas may be depressing, but it's badass. makes me realize my problems aren't so bad! i could be married to a coke fiend who forces me to sell my mother's house, ya know? i'd love to know more about this generic accutane. i'm not interested in the label, just a cure. do i need to see a derm in order to start on it?
  3. you know what? that's a great idea. my puppy is sound asleep right next to me, so i think i'll follow her lead. i'm gonna pop in goodfellas and call it a night, those guys have it way worse than me. and bobby deniro is a stud. thanks everyone, i hope God listens to all your prayers
  4. god, i friggin love this website. i love knowing there's always someone i can relate to..thank you guys so much.
  5. I'm not intending this to be a sympathy plea, I have just have been crying all night and...well what better place than here to express my pain? I am at my wit's end. If you look at my pics, the up close ones of my acne are pretty similar to what I still look like, but my skin's been breaking out so much more, and it's just red, and I have cysts everywhere. I can't stop crying I don't even know how my boyfriend can stand to look at me. I look at these pictures of other people who are expressi
  6. i've been smoking weed pretty much for the last 4 years, and i think it may be a factor. like cigarettes, i think it may be a toxin.
  7. ya i guess your right. p diddy is a multi gajillionaire. but spends $49.95/mo. on a face that millions of people see everyday? give me a break.
  8. girl, i just saw your photos. you are way too pretty to be sounding so sad!! i spent a lot of money on proactiv. i started when i was 18 and ended at about 20. it was really upsetting, cuz you see all those photos on the infomercial of people with worse faces than you, so you see no reason not to buy it. the bp has really worked for me. i went through the dryness and i still have redness, but i'm willing to sacrifice temporary happiness for a long term cure.
  9. yea i hear you. i have an inventory of Proactiv in my closet, and when i saw the new infomercial, i decided to take a break from the bp and do the 3 step regimen. i guess puffy daddy, alicia keys, britney spears, and stephanie seymour are all avid users. i was convinced. but i quickly snapped myself out of my hollywood state of mind and went out to buy another bottle of bp.
  10. i was watching some sort of beauty secrets show on E!, and Jessica Simpson was walking down the red carpet with her hubby and was stopped to ask questions. Last I remembered, she was the spokesgirl for Proactiv Solution. Last I remember, I saw the infomercial like 3 days ago. So the interviewer asked her what she does for her face, and she replied, "i did Accutane a few years ago and I haven't had one pimple since." She soo doesn't even have Proactiv in her medicine cabinet. I wish I could
  11. 1) unemployed 2) diagnosed with bulimia at age 15 3) diagnosed with depression at age 19 4) no clue what i want for a career 5) strict portuguese parents that have never been proud of me. 6) sexually harassed by a family member at age 4. 7) regular smoker.
  12. I was diagnosed with depression three years ago, and right now my skin's at its worst. i have used bp since the end of september and there hasn't even been slight improvement. i have pics posted and many users have told me to go on accutane. but my depression is getting worse. and i don't have any health insurance. i'm in tears right now because i don't know what to do. i'm sick of looking like a freak
  13. janeiro21

    road to recovery

    all pics are dated so you can see my improvement!
  14. Whenever I try to upload an image and the page refreshs, it says it can't be displayed. Can anybody help?