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  1. canned tuna in brine is cheap, is that alright for salads then?
  2. so nuts and seeds are good for muscles/calories?
  3. well eating fish is healthy, so are you guys now saying not to eat much of that becuase of mercury fears?! what food can we eat?!
  4. Im pretty clear at the moment........so just marks really. Im pessimistic becuase there seems to be a new breakout every few weeks. Ill try and use a bit of moisturiser then! but it encourages more spots (my derm said), despite the non comedogenic buzzword!
  5. can anyone confirm that im not harming myself by taking these extra pills? no one else i know takes them
  6. been using them for a while since came off accutane, but when spots clear up i stop obv. really dry after showers though, then skin seems to restore itself a bit later on?!
  7. facinating. is it realistic though for the working public?
  8. exactly! there is no time after you finish work for exercise and a hearty meal........and going to bed. Lets face it, we all want some supper, even if its a lettuce/spinach sandwich!
  9. im using DuAc and Differin morning and then night, but the dryness is crazy now! I am basically cutting out using DuAc in the mornings at all, and then sparingly using the differin on individual spots at night. When i wake up the skin looks okay........then i have a shower.....and after face dries there are all white skin flaking off and cracks. I dare not put moisturiser on, becuase that might lead to more spots. Will this dryness clear up naturally if i leave it for a few days? thanks hopef
  10. so i need to be eating lots of makrel and so on?
  11. very interesting. i often stay up until gone midnight
  12. starflower oil evening primrose oil zinc 30 mg odourless garlic powder 2mg vitamin B complex (100% RDA for all b vits) vitamin C 60 mg calcium and Vit D (im avoiding milk so guess ill need this, im already skinny) Cod Liver Oil so this stuff should help my health and skin? I know alot of people are knowledgable on here and dont post fabricated advice, so wonderd what peoples thoughts are. cheers guys hopeful
  13. i need to put weight on.....i am too skinny (can fit thumb and finger around my wrist etc) i seem to be eating all the time......not sure what more i can do
  14. I cant seem to shift the blackheads on my nose.....new ones just appear.