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  1. So..I have been taking fish oil capsules for years, almost daily. I have tryed numerous different brands. How much I consume varys day by day, but I have taken anywhere from 1g to 4 grams of Fish oil a day. And to be honest with you, I never realy felt it did anything. I still had acne. It didn't do anything for my complexion. It may cointain EPA and DHA's in it, but what good is it doing if you dont actualy see the benefits from it. Everytime I start my canned salmon diet (Pillar Rock Wild Al
  2. It does cause hair loss..It states it in the paper that comes with the box. "overdose sideeffects will be similar to vitamin A overdose" Or something along those lines. I forget because I haven't looked at mine in a while. Whats a side effect of vitamin A overdose? Hair loss. I am actualy goign to my derm on Tuesday and get a Finacea prescription. I have been on Differin .3 for a while, and I gradually started noticing my hair getting thinner. It isn't like male pattern baldness, its more like
  3. I would say it is good to take them with colostrum, I do. I bought the Symbiotics brand probiotics that contains colostrum in it as well. Not sure if its just a marketing gimmick though. I hvae heard that some people experience bad die offs from colostrum/probiotics while others dont experience anything. I think I might have felt a little sick during the first couple of days, but not realy sure if it was the die off or if I had a mild cold. I dont think I experienced any type of acne break out.
  4. you can't have your cake and eat it too..sounds like you are looking for the perfect cereal to suite your oddball likes/dislikes, while still being good for your skin. sad to say that no such thing exists. I haven't touched cereal in years because of what it does to my skin...
  5. What else are you doing other than taking colostrum, and what type of colostrum? Are you eating right? Are you going out and drinking, partying, eating junk food? Many more factors to this that just taking a supplement and hoping everything else falls into place.
  6. Very interesting read. I never thought about getting tested for mercury..I should of asked the Dr to test for that too so I could of had my insurance pay for it. I guess I could try to find a reputable mercury test kit and see what it shows.
  7. How would one go about testing out what they may be sensitive too? Just trial and error?
  8. So I started Colostrum and a very strict anti Candida diet. I had been on and off on low carb diets which did seem to help, but the after going on the Candida diet I have been feeling without energy, and kind of drained. Blood tests show it. I wont list what came back as normal, but I will list what came back as abnormal. I took the test about 5 days after I started the Colostrum and the candida diet. I was experiencing some die off symptoms at that point. Glucose 49 (Referance 70
  9. So grape seed oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil are good choices to cook with? What if you use extra virgin olive oil but in a very low heat. At what temperature does it become into a "bad" oil?
  10. I have been on on a anti-candida diet, which is similar in some ways to a low GI diet, it just limits a lot more stuff, such as no fruits, no grains of ANY kind, etc. I think the diet is very important. We aren't 100% sure what the colostrum is supposed to be doing that has acne clearing effects. If it is supposed to work by killing off candida then you could only benefit from a anti candida diet. I know its too early to tell, but the only people that seem to have good results so far from the co
  11. I am curious how many people on here have actualy gotten tested to see if they do have low stomach acid. Here is a only quiz.... http://altmedicine.about.com/library/weekl...chlorhydria.htm According to the test there is a 82% I have low stomach acid. Part of me does want to go get tested, but part of me is thinking it might be a waste of time if it comes out negative. Also not sure what it feel like shoving that stomach tube down my throat. I know there is that "pill method", but good luck fi
  12. Glad that its working good for you! So you are taking just the powder right? In an earlier post I mentioned about Symbiotics recommending both the powder and the capsules. So I ordered 240 capsules of .960 g of Symbiotics colostrum capsules, thinking they will have some special type of coating, but NOPE. Its just a regular gelatin capsule. The type that dissolve as soon as any type of liquid comes in contact with it. I cant see a gelatin capsule helping the colostrum reach the small intesti
  13. I think Dan really believes what he is saying, but that doesn't mean its true. I think the regimen must work really well for him, as his skin looks real good and he realy doesn't look like he could be a very healthy eater. Maybe he is, but he is a little on the chubby side to be a healthy eater. When I started eating healthy, I lost so much weight that everyone thought I was sick. I went from 175lbs to about 142lbs in a few months. But Dans regimen used to keep me real clear, until one day ba
  14. I agree with cuting out sugar (fruits, raw, and processed sugar). And offcourse nothing thats processed. Avoid high fructose corn syrup. Cut out all dairy. Then cut out all grains. This always clears me up, no problem. Its just not the most practical diet to follow as it seems like you can't eat ALOT of things. I to do it, then after I get clear I slowly start eating the stuff that breaks me out again. That being said, this diet sounds a lot more practical than your all fluid diet.